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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/153740081?t=04m56s
  2. Correct me if i am wrong here mist but Mitch in Last is actually incorrect i believe i am tied for first and that huey is actually tied for last. I think hueys team name should be updated to say what place i am actually in therefor his team name should be Mitch in tied for first
  3. vouche for him and would like to get whtilisted myself vomitingturtle
  4. Bump event starting around 30 min from this post come join for some quality fun!!!!! no rsvp or full membership required. A teamspeak room will be made come in and join if you can!
  5. Sunday Night fun with this amazing new game, if you dont know what it is come on down and see what all the fuss is about. Just a friendly event with some madcasters trying to get this game known i love it and hopefully you will too. http://www.supraball.net/ This is the link where you can get the download it of course is required and its FREEEEEEEE which is probably the best part. This fun event will be held Sunday Night around 9c and you do not have to RSVP but if you could say if you are coming that would be wonderful!!! Hope to see you there to have an amazing time! -Turtle/Mitch Edit: All are Welcome
  6. I would like to be whitelisted my ign is vomitingturtle
  7. Summoner Name: Vomitingturtle Level: 30 Primary Role: ADC Secondary Role: TOP Least preferred Role: Captain Looking to captain: Read above
  8. (As juno would say) "Hey that's MEEEE!"