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  1. Having relinquished membership status I only drop by the community every so often. And I post maybe once every two weeks. I am making the effort of posting here to say: Epic you're epic! Now go find a double rainboom countdown clock.
  2. In if it's after Feb 10th, out if it's before. See message about disappearance in appropriate thread.
  3. Mith

    The new Simcity

    Ummm is it bragging when i say I breached 47000 on my last try? (While maintaining a 90% approval rate from my citizens?) P.s. the key to getting more people to live on the same amount of land is to have max (in this case medium) level streets and avenues in square blocks of a certain size. The land value goes up because of nearby parks, services (firestations, police stations, clinics), and a nearby commercial district for happy shoppers. When the land value goes up, people will start building fancy apartment buildings and your population density will rise. (And the income types of citizens will change). My biggest city so far covered the entire beta play-area with a 40% 20% 40% distribution on residential area, commercial area and industrial area. I'm going to try 33% all round next time to see if I can increase density even more. P.p.s. if you're running out of space and the zoning guy keeps advising you that people want more industrial area to offer work to all the residents, they mean lower income residents. Best way to solve that is to cater more to medium-income residents by raising the land value.
  4. Mith

    The new Simcity

    I just played yesterday, on an hour time limit it seems. I liked it, might actually get it DESPITE origin. It had the old sim city 2000 feel to it, which was my last Sim City, and I can't wait to fill up a max-size grid with meticulously squared roads in fractal patterns. Edit: Okay so after an hour playing it is now 4 25 AM, yes I did this when I was a kid playing 2000, I stayed up a whopping 3 hours after bedtime. (So around 11 pm) I managed to get from my 50 000 resident city a whopping 95% approval rate with a sliiiiiiight lack of industrial jobs. I'm actually still not sure if there are alternatives to decreasing the industrial demand without having to dedicate 40% of the map area and pollute the water supply. So yes, I am falling back in love
  5. Best way to recruit players who've quit back into the game... Like me! Next time I have cash to spare I'm seriously considering dusting off my ol' warlock.
  6. Mith

    I Lost the GAME :(

    The quote required (to my knowledge) is "The Game is over" Either way thanks MooMin for ruining my 2 day streak, this is really an accomplishment considering people in my direct friends' group have turned mentioning of the color green and/or my name preceded by a loud 'hey' into an immediate trigger for The Game among each of us.
  7. Mith

    The Hobbit

    Thorin most of all gets fleshed out backstory which then leads to a plot point of the book which was (until the movie hinted this) merely an event with not a whole lot in the way of reasons behind it. (At least not that I remember)
  8. Mith

    The Hobbit

    Honestly I can say that I saw this once on launch day, will see it again within another week, and once more with my family sometime around Christmas day. I may be biased since I pay a monthly subscription fee for unlimited access to any and all movies in a theater of a certain chain and therefore only pay about 3 bucks for an 'upgrade' to 3D movies. Bias in mind I may go watch this more than most of you. But I reccomend you see it at least once. And Jobotoo, you in particular I reccomend watching this now. I as a fan of the book came away with not so much a sense of anticipation for the next movies, but the opposite. Instead of looking forward, I looked back. I loved how much more depth they added in the movie without damaging the source material and boggled for hours about how they managed to tweak a generic mention of a half-sensible plot point of the book to a fully formed character backstory... It was amazing.
  9. Mith

    worst ever

    I couldn't really comment on this without the following background: The weapon laws in my country allow ownership of weapons up to decorative swords and air powered guns. (The shuriken on my wall has to stay there until I move). To carry or have any weapon available in any public area is a felony. (Maximum penalty for carrying a stiletto is 9 months and/or 4500 euros fine) (About 70 000 sportshooters hunters and collectors have a permit in the Netherlands, 5 in every 8 000 citizens over 18) So on topic I have to say I am always kind of shocked at the apparent ease that this kind of thing could happen... I am aware that as a relic from more dangerous times the gun has been necessary for the safety of many Americans, particularly since criminals are the last to give up their guns freely. So the danger never de-escalated... And with that in mind I support gun control rather than an outright ban. But what I really don't get, and this might still be because of my outside perspective... Is how this seems to be so easy? Is it really that easy? Isn't MORE being done to control this kind of thing?
  10. Might be more, got a pretty big party to go to. But since I'm 6 hours ahead of pretty much everyone I might show up
  11. Mith

    The Big Anime Thread

    If you're referring to the opening post. Knives made that about 8 months ago. SAO wasn't even out yet It's been mentioned in here a few times since. The three previous posts for instance
  12. Mith

    The Big Anime Thread

    Yea I've concluded it has most similarity with TERA among MMOs I've played. I have to say, this one had me hooked so badly I sacrificed like 4 hours of my 8 hours of sleep.
  13. Mith

    The Big Anime Thread

    I started watching SAO I think sunday night. Then saw episode 14 the next morning. I paused and am now watching those episodes with a friend before continuing. I should reccomend this to any gamer out there, particularly ones with MMO RPG experience. This will appeal to you even just to see how much SAO compares to MMOs you've played.
  14. Makes me wanna come back to WoW and raid....
  15. Mith

    Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay I seriously need to post in here just to get a single more post to my name. 3 years, less than 500 posts... I don't think I'm good for the .4 average required for leadership Yup did the math, today's required post count for such applications is 511 and that goes up by 1 every 2.5 days *Rubs his hands together* Time to go on a Jobotoo spree ^^