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  1. My ally code: 228-352-945 I'm currently running Phasma (lead), Lumi, Sid, Ahsoka and Yoda (all 7*, level 73 and gear level 8)
  2. I'm addicted as hell to this game. Really fun!!!
  3. ohhhhh! Fenris is back to GW2
  4. Well, this will definitely bring me back to the game. Getting more hyped every day that passes!
  5. DownyTif


    Hated Origin at first. I was deliberatly missing games because of it. Now it's ok. They came a long way!
  6. You can now get your keys on their website. I started my pre-loading this morning!!!
  7. I backed them on Kickstarter a long time ago. Really looking forward to it! I avoided the BETA and news to have a surprise. From what've heard, I won't be disapointed. Only thing I would have liked is romance a la Bioware.
  8. Free forever ! Even to people just buying the game.
  9. The link for Origin:
  10. For those of you old people like me who used to play games like Metroid, A Link to the Past, Castlevania (2D), you should check up this little gem that was released today : Ori and the Blind Forest, available on PC (Steam) and XBox One. Reviews are really good so far. Got it myself and played a little. The game is extremely beautiful. You can sense the Metroid inspiration. Have a look here : Steam: Website (about) :!about/ I hope you'll enjoy! Downy
  11. Right now on Origin and XBox Live. Titanfall Season Pass is 0.00$. This will give you the 3 DLCs for free !!
  12. yeah, I didn't realized that ahah. It makes no sense at all. Ignore my question
  13. about the 60 days of "game time"... is it a 60 days countdown that starts on a specific date (of purchase) and end 60 days later no matter of much time you spend in-game, or is it 60 days of actual gaming time (doesn't countdown when you're not playing the game)? I'm asking because the "7 Days of Subscriber Access" is phrased differently. If it's actual gaming time (which I doubt), that deal is really interesting for me since my play time is limited.
  14. Will definitely get this really soon. My backlog is enormous though...
  15. Me too !! That move in the vid when he becomes invisible and strikes multiple times!!! Revenant for the win