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  1. Prince when I mean Vanilla WoW feeling I mean the feeling of something new and vast. You can't just find the answers online in a minute and know the game in and out in a day. The game isn't about hitting max level as fast as you can and doing Raids and Dungeons. There are no raids and dungeons. World bosses, Castle Sieges, Milking cows, Hunting Whales, riding camels, farming, ship building, there is just so much to do and look forward to. The end game in this game is playing the game, if a game keeps you play and enjoying it at all times that's true end game.
  2. Looks like I can stream it just fine. I'll be on TS if anyone wants to see. http://www.twitch.tv/kareeda
  3. I can attempt to stream it. I'll test it later tonight to see what kind of performance loss I get.
  4. The economy driven world is amazing. You don't even have to kill anything you can just be a farmer or horse breeder, whatever you want!
  5. Black Desert Online's headstart started a few days ago and I'm loving it. This will be my go to game for a long time. I purchased the 100$ pack which will come with 3 7 Day Guest passes when the game goes live for everyone tomorrow. I've not felt like this about a game in a long time. Here are a few videos that explain why it's such a different game. Best way to explain it would be it will bring that feeling that Vanilla WoW had back into your lives. The game also is 30$ then free forever like Guild Wars https://www.blackdesertonline.com/ I'm currently on the Uno server with a decent size guild. We use the Calpheon 2 channel primarily.
  6. I can't stop playing it, please send help. Made a club last night which gives me a whole world to mess with. Just hit 17 as a Pirate Captain. I.... dunno how to handle not being able to Cheese anything like in Minecraft I'm Kareeda on Trove by the way. Not sure if you can add people when they are offline.
  7. Well damn i'm breaking shit without even knowing. Explains why my Ender Quarry was stopped when I got on.
  8. I had to go on a rescue mission to save her from CaveWorld. Noticed that there were thousands of Dyrad's on my mini-map and my FPS was at 1 Frame Per Minute. Not sure how to fix this. I know an OP can do a kill all but that might spawn hundreds of Nature Guardians... also doesn't fix the issue of them spamming again.
  9. Kareeda

    The End

    Mayday and Soupcup have the location of it. We haven't killed the dragon though so have fun... Also noticed you left game like 4 times without connecting. You having trouble getting in?
  10. Looks like to celebrate 4 million users and the new Golden Saucer Patch which added Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad they are doing a week free gametime to anyone without an active sub! http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/24d3c419fae62ce2771b4b0b7d01c6348ab5d5e5
  11. Last time I played I was Gold ranked 5 and I'm so rusty I'm gonna get pooped on if I played again lol.
  12. Way wondering if anyone from Madcast was going to be at Katsucon this coming weekend? http://www.katsucon.org/
  13. I used to play the hell out of this when it originally came out long ago before it got bought and changed to free to play. The graffiti system was one of my favorite and the Avatar I use for the forums is actually from APB of a graffiti I made. And my favorite car.