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  1. happy birthday you old fart
  2. damn only 3$ each im going to get 100 or 2
  3. do a minecart elevator really easy to do and use
  4. I would Like to thank everyone that attended "Capt & Lister's Hardcore Parkour Extravaganza!" and would also like to inform you that the parkour map will remain on the server. A portal to the parkour world has been erected at spawn and all you have to do is step through it to get to the world. The world has its own inventory so you don't have to worry about clearing your inventory also there is no damage, hunger,or mobs in the world so its pretty safe. The /jump command is available to play which lets plays teleport to the top of the block they are looking at after the teleport timer finishes. To return to the overworld all you gotta do is /spawn. Enjoy and have fun.