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  1. Mercy - 14 hours Genji - 4 hours Tracer - 3 hours
  2. For PC: Grand Theft Auto V Dungeon Defenders 2 Cities: Skylines All in one day, Shoot me now. I've been a bad girl D:
  3. Kali


    Sold, nvm
  4. Kali


    So, I bought two keys by accident... So if anyone is interested in buying my other one.. contact me. Its a key through rockstar games social, obviously.
  5. Kali has bought... 3DS: Super Mario Smash Bros Fantasy Life Yoshi's New Island Kirby Triple Deluxe Shovel Knight My 3DS obsession is out of hand and must stop.
  6. Are friend codes region locked? I tried adding your friendcode: says it is not valid... D: I wanted to visit your town and talk to your towns people
  7. Hey there Been gone for a while due to life being busy. Whilst gone I have mainly been playing World of Warcraft and also my 3ds. Games are, but not limited to: Animal Crossing New Leaf, Smash Bros, Rune Factory 4, Yoshi's New Island, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Fantasy Life(AMAZING GAME) & Shovel Knight. Friend code: 2466-4432-6064
  8. Fenris! I'm even playing WoW ^.^ Starting from the beginning, and I'm kicking myself in the butt for not playing WoW instead of Wildstar. It's the best MMO I've experienced thus far, and I am 10 years late on the ban wagon.
  9. Im so saddened by this. GuildWars2 was what brought me into this community. As life has been busy and I haven't had as much time for gaming as I used to, Im shocked this is happening. Thankyou to everyone who was there a year ago in GW2, it was a great experience. Will never forget the good times.
  10. Welcome back darling! Look forward to a league game sometime in the future.
  11. If only I had the time to build something as amazing as this...
  12. I saw this earlier... I just cant imagine how their parents didn't notice any signs... there had to be signs... to be that tortured at the age of 12, or any age for that matter.... it makes me sad.
  13. This is pretty great. I love how musicians have become more creative in the past 5 years. Makes my tummy flutter.