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  1. You guys are lucky my account is moved to Japan at the moment. I've been in the hyperbolic time chamber for 6 months now (KR server), so when I get back, prepare for some "From Faker, with love..."
  2. I don't mean to impolitely necro this thread, but I noticed a few of you were discussing Orwell and Huxley. If those books interest you (now or previously), then I recommend "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Written during the Russian Civil War and published for the first time in 1924 (after initially being banned by censors), it is the original 20th century dystopian novel (if we discount H.G. Wells, a common touchstone for Orwell, Huxley, and Zamyatin alike). The parallels between Orwell and Zamyatin are easy to see if you read the books; the parallels between Huxley and Zamyatin are less clear, but significant enough that Orwell accused Huxley of plagiarizing Zamyatin. "We" is a book worth reading because it takes a far less clear tone than either Orwell and Huxley did; while Zamyatin was censored by the communists, he also supported the revolution. In fact it was his love of revolution that made him a persona non grata to the Soviets, because he didn't believe in a "final revolution." It also asks a lot of difficult questions about what a better world really look like, and how far reason can actually take us. Anyway, just wanted to share. I studied Slavic Literature so i know quite a few great but not-famous-in-English books.
  3. Scooby Squad is out of Scooby snacks for the moment. The thread will reopen once we get a shipment in after the holidays. :3
  4. As the year comes to a close, so too does this thread. A final thanks to everyone that made raiding at MadCast possible this year, from the early days in February when DF SM seemed hard, to our hard fought victories against Underlurker, to our final trials against Brontes and Torque. It's been a pleasure, and a new thread will be made soon detailing the next chapter in our progression raiding. Merry Christmas, guys. Final 2015 Progressoin: 4/5 DF NiM 2/5 Rav HM 3/5 ToS HM
  5. Assassin's are great choices for all content, and can tank or DPS. Agents are healers or dps, and less versatile but good at what they do.
  6. I have had a personal thing come up tonight, and will not be available...again. :/ Considering the consistently bad turnout for the past month, I'm cancelling tonight. Tomorrow we run at 10:30, then go on break for 2 weeks over the holiday. Again, during that time, I will be locking this thread and starting a fresh one to gauge the interest of those who still want to run. We may change date/time/whatever--but all that is incoming.
  7. For now, best thing you can do is enjoy leveling up and get to know your maruader well, if that's the DPS class you want to bring. Maruaders have great overall dps and a bagful of raid utility, so not a bad choice. When you get to fifty, we'll pull you right in to try your hand at the operations and stuff. Also, just as a side note--don't be discouraged if any flashpoints seem kinda difficult. Bioware didn't perfectly balance the tacticals, and many are much easier with a 1 healer 1 tank 2 dps comp at 65 than they are while levelling.
  8. Mark your calendars for the last Town Hall of 2015, hosted by yours truly. It will start at 8:00 pm and go until everyone's had a chance to speak. Lots of friends, lots of fun--be there.
  9. After this weekend, MadCast will be going into winter holiday mode, where for 2-3 weeks nothing is scheduled. I'll still be planning raids, but they aren't required nor events. During this time, I will be reevaluating the raid team, including times and how many times we run a week. The kind of feedback in this thread you've already given is a good starting point, and we'll talk further.
  10. I'll be there! Preferably as dps, but with all roles available, as usual.
  11. Alright, thanks. If not enough people show up that's totally understandable--but I have my fingers crossed that people will.
  12. Again, I won't be here this weekend for raids. LoA. Sorry about that. xD Does anyone want to volunteer to step up to take my place this weekend?