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  1. Welcome to Madcast Ben!
  2. Haven't subbed because lack of time but when I end soccer season i'll be on with you guys can't wait.
  3. Granted, but the cheeseburger is made of tofu and smelly cheese. I wish I was through with high school already.
  4. Trex

    Destiny - PS4

    I'd Gladly take a code if anyone has any left, have a ps4 and some interest but wasn't sure that i'd want to pay for beta access
  5. Mystery Gifting your friends in return for another gift was a big thing when it first came out, and just recently me, and Danknee decided to do two of them, and very luckily this happened. Just a reminder to not forget about your friends, anything can happen.
  6. Thanks for the insight, however I believe the build isn't showing at the moment or you left off the Spirit of the Ancient Golem, which no longer has tenacity, how does this change the potential for the Elise build you'll be playing with?
  7. Public meaning "Strategy, Noob LFG and Public Chat 1" which were just filled with spam, at least, that's how I read into it.
  8. same^ Vote: thefinalsolution
  9. Very well then, Vote:Fernandigity
  10. who should we vote for? or should we wait it out a night?
  11. Cindy, have any idea on who the other clone is?