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  1. MadCast Angel 2017

    Donated $75 USD($99.79 CAD with paypal's exchange rate). Apologies, Was unable to leave a note.
  2. Overwatch - Let's Talk Netcode

    I really love hearing back end networking talk. For some reason it just makes me feel relaxed knowing how it handles. More pumped for this more than ever now. I got to hope they bump that 20hz to 60hz across the board.
  3. Paragon

    I am loving this game despite it's early issues.
  4. MadCast Angel 2015

  5. Blizzcon Review: Overwatch

    I got my digital pre-order this morning
  6. Sword Coast Legends

    Already Pre-Ordered if only for the statue as a model in my current runs of tabletop on Sundays.
  7. 2015 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    One offer still left unclaimed of a free copy of Witcher 3. Only a $20-30 donation is needed with proof.
  8. 2015 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    I will also need her proof Voshay. I have received yours and am making a note of it in the announcing post.
  9. 2015 MadCast Appreciation Drive

    Ladies & Gents it's time I step from the shadows. The first 3 members to post here what they can add $20-30 to near match my $100 and have done so will receive a copy of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pre-order as a gift courtesy of me through Steam next Friday(The 15th of May) which is my payday to fuel this Eternia Insanity. I will ask for photo proof given the near $250 with exchange rate I am ponying up. Omit any info you feel you need to and PM me a screenshot of the confirmation email/message from Senora Frog. I will get into contact with said people at earliest convenience. For proof of my donation see attached photo. Modified size due to my native resolution. Edit: Donation Proof Attached Current Witcher 3 Claims have been verified: 1 - MadCast: Voshay 2 - MadCast: DanKnee 3 -
  10. bait and toodles live near eachother

    I demand pictures. What we have of Toodles is pre-college. :3
  11. HotS Group Threrapy Thread

    When a Master Skinned Sgt. Hammer takes Blunt Force Gun in a map where it can't orbit through mid-lane to push for us...I die a little inside.
  12. HotS Group Threrapy Thread

    If you're at least a level 4 of 10 Zeratul to get the advanced and elite so you get the 1 dps per 6 minions or 2 charges per hero kill sure. Or another character who has it sure. Otherwise Bullocks
  13. HotS Group Threrapy Thread

    People just pushing lanes badly and never getting objectives in Co-Op upsets me to no end.
  14. a random question.

    D&D/Pathfinder. If dice can't roll then society clearly must be non-existent after the Nuclear War purged the planet.
  15. New Computer :3

    The IT half of me cringes in pain the sight of open tech laying about without the case to make it neat and not a potential to snap in half from random person mishaps. The nerdy half of me is jealous of that GPU.