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  1. I just tried setting up a fake event on Riot's website. You have go as small as 4-7 total teams - BUT they don't offer a prize for that. If you have 8 teams, you can get a prize. Using their GUI to host an event might be beneficial even if you aren't getting sponsored. FAQ is here: Site to create an event is here: And then I read this... idk... might not be doable at all... A mixed tournament has matches that take place online and in real life locations. Some events will have qualifying matches online, and hold the finals in a real world location. Please note that your final match must take place in a real world location and all its participants MUST be in attendance to qualify for "Mixed Tournament" prizing. Prizing may be reduced or withheld entirely if this requirement is not met.
  2. Comments as an outsider on this event/season. I heard bits and pieces about it on the discord chat (don't always follow the forums). I remember wanting to watch a stream one night it was live, but no one was streaming. I was happy to see someone streamed the last night of the event and had good commentary. That was fun. I really liked dommers presentation and taking the time to do the commentary. I've hated doing stuff like this in the past as its either dramatic or a PITA to get together. I guessing/hoping you all were able to solve the main pain of balancing and hopefully had a bunch of competitive games. Back when I was running the demigod community forums, I got a few tourneys together and got them sponsored by the developer for a cash prize. I THINK with a small amount of effort you can get a Riot sponsorship where you can at least gift some RP or a skin or 2 to winners. Something to check out it you want. Tourneys I ran on DG had significantly better turnout when sponsored.
  3. Not scheduled yet - just gauging interest to see if its worth trying to put together. Ideally we want at least 10 folks that would be interested in playing and then we can toss out/discuss some times.
  4. Hi all - I've organized some MC in house games in the past and am curious to see who would be into doing these again every week or so (time would be between 8PM-11PM EST - prob M-Sat) The tone of the games is to try to win, but consider playing champs you aren't quite as good at if we end up with an obvious mismatch (eg 10 people decided to join in - 9 are plats, 1 is bronze - the team with the bronze would be encouraged to not necessarily pick their best champ, etc). I'm a bit out of the loop and haven't played in a MC in house (outside of ARAMs) in months. Anyway, if you are interested and think you can make the time listed above here and there, chime in. Enough folks interested and I'll put forth some effort to organize a game in the near future. Looking for at least 10 people. I can probably get 3 of my non MC pals on most nights. Thanks!
  5. plat V (all roles but mid unless I'm mr chogath).
  6. welcome! Enjoyed games with you tonight and hope to catch more soon.
  7. Check it out if interested: Vid covers the current setup at the start of the game, all of the current jungle items (4 items building out of machete with 4 upgrades on top of that), and the new camp.
  8. No worries at all - gotta learn somewhere!
  9. Welcome - got in a game w/ ya tonight. Hope to catch u again soon!
  10. That's pretty funny. I'm normally clicking up a storm as well. The good news, though, is that moving and csing is what you want to be doing. Kind of interesting that standing still is so hard for you though I came up with a fun variation for the drill yesterday that was a really good warm up for me. This drill is more or less a speed test that has you focusing on csing and also popping in tower hits while csing. The setup is the same as the drill except you play it out a full 10 minutes if needed. The goal is to win the game by taking out the base. No shopping outside of your 1st buy. Just try to get as much cs as possible and end the game as quickly as possible. I did this a couple times and ended at 9 and 10 minutes. Preferred to use jinx as her attack speed buff is really useful for that type of play. Anyway, give it a shot if it sounds fun. Also a good warm up imo. Yesterday I had to do several warm ups as I was apparently having some trouble with consistency. I think its worth doing the 5 min drill before you start playing just to see if you are mechanically on point. Think repetition helped me out some yesterday.
  11. Yeah - just have fun with it. I think these sort of drills are things that I will do on a somewhat consistent basis. I find that I'm much more focused on my CS game for at least a few games after a single 5 min drill, so there's even some value in a quick 5 min warm up imo. The main thing I picked up on during my 4 tests yesterday - I'm much more consistent with CSing when I'm moving about less. Which means what I really need to focus in on and practice is being great with CSing while moving about quite a bit. So, I did a round where I was super focused and mostly stationary and then followed up with the typical moving in and out to last hit. Anyway, the way I'm approaching it is do a 5 min drill - if you are happy with the results, then move along to gaming. If not, repeat the drill again until you are feeling pretty confident. Stands to reason that you/I will become more and more consistent with practice.
  12. So, I've been noticing that my CS has been somewhat awful lately and decided to spend some time working on my mechanics. To that end, I searched the net and came across a few things, but 1 in particular stuck out - a guide on reddit called "learn to cs like a challenger." (linked). Worth a read imo. I'm going to highlight a few things from that post and talk about what I'm doing to improve via 5 minute drills. 1st - CS in league is really, really important. You get more money, you get better items, you get higher kill potential, etc. Here's a really good example: "If we assume the average minion is worth roughly 20 gold, the maximum I could earn from minions by 30:00 is 7,100 gold. Instead, I earned 3,000 gold (with 150 CS at 30 min). This is a difference of 4,100 gold, which equates to 14 full value kills. This means that a 5/0/0 Akali with 100 CS by 20 minutes has earned the same amount of gold as a 0/0/0 Graves with 175 CS, and that's only if we ignore the diminishing returns for repeated kills on the same champion." So, last hitting = good to be good at, eh. The article goes on to suggest several drills. I'm just going to walk you through 1 drill setup, the max CS possible at 5 minutes, and tell you how I did in my first few tests. The 1st 5 Minute Drill So, the setup: use whatever champ you want, runes/masteries you'd normally use, same thing with items. Create a custom game, don't add any AIs, start, and go to whatever lane you want to practice. Top/Bottom lane can get a max of 38 cs at 5 minutes. Mid lane can get a max of 44 cs. I suggest using excel to keep track, but use w/e you want. I also suggest using the same champ during the drills so you are comparing apples to apples. Round 1 - just go to lane and farm however you like - move around, w/e. Track your results and also make note of why you missed some. A tip though - look at your AD dmg output so you know how much dmg you do per hit. Left click on one of the enemy minions so you can see its health bar stats and observe how quickly it drops, etc. My stats (all games played as trist): Goal 38 CS Round 1 - 25 CS, 65.79% of goal Ugh... Round 2 - intentionally choose to stand still by pressing S (S keeps you standing still and keeps you from auto attacking). Track your stats and note why you missed some. Goal 38 CS Round 2 - 34 CS, 89.47% of goal Notes - choose to stand still a bunch more Rounds 3/4 - repeat Goal 38 CS Round 3 - 33 CS, 86.84% of goal Round 4 - 36 CS, 94.74% of goal Anyway, the link I provided covers various other drills. I personally think its worth the time to develop your mechanical skills as that difference in gold income can mean a heck of a lot in game.
  13. Well, with that in mind, why not start out muting folks or turning off the chat with enemy team functionality? I mean, obviously if you just enjoy playing with pals or like bot matches, well - enjoy. But if you enjoy playing with new people, I'd say take a shot again at it and just be a little heavy handed with that mute button. I've done the same thing as you, though. If I'm just looking to chill out, I'd play bot matches. Folks are kind like 95% of the time in my experience there and there is oh so little rage, but I get tired of bot matches pretty quickly. The trick for me is to expect that I will encounter angry, rage filled sorts or generally mean spirited folks. Be happy when you don't, but quickly determine when you do and hit that mute button without getting sucked into it. That usually results in a more fun experience for me anyway. I've had times where I want to play a game but not deal with potential trolling, so I just mute everyone at the start. Anyway, I note improvements in the community as I have to mute less and less.