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  1. So for this week only, any quests can be completed by challenging friends in game. I'm looking for some friendly challenges, or we can just take turns winning to make it quicker. Doesn't matter to me. If anyone's interested, my Bnet is Mortality#1946.
  2. I do, my gamer tag is L0STPERFECTION (first 0 is a zero).
  3. Port of the superhero co-op card game on Steam, it was on sale for $5.99 so I picked it up and am loving it. The gameplay is very smooth, UI is decent, good replayability and can add more heroes/villains/environments/variants for $4.99 each expansion, so not terrible. I played the card game and thought it was great so no question once I saw it. Anyone have it?
  4. I'd be down to team up, my gamer tag is L0STPERFECTION (the first 0 is a zero).
  5. Hey guys, I know most people get pissed at "goodbye," or "I'm leaving" threads, but I wouldn't really consider this one. It's not that I didn't want to be in your guy's guild, just after thinking, and talking to certain people, and certain events happening, that I'm just not a good fit for your guild. I don't think I bring anything worthwhile to the table, and you would do better without me crowding your forums and TS channels. So I didn't want to just disappear to seem like I was angry or pissed off at any particular person or persons, I just have come to the conclusion that MadCast may not be the right community for me to get involved in. I had fun gaming, the little that I did, with you guys but I think it's time to move on. I'm working on learning C# for an intern position that I'm working really hard on, but I still have time for some CS:S or Hearthstone if anyone's still interested in a match here or there, I think some of you have me added on there, if not you can send me a PM and I can give it to you. I also just started a relationship that I'm hoping will turn into a long-term one, she has a Xbox One, plays Call of Duty, and I got her into Hearthstone, now she's hooked and plays all the time on her iPad. xD I just wanted to let the SWTOR crew know I'm not leaving because I'm enraged and said "fuck all you guys," but more of "thanks for the help and support, I wish things worked out differently." Like I said this isn't a goodbye post, I'll come back from time to time and check on you guys, because I really did like this community and I want the best for it, that's why I'll quietly take my leave and maybe catch you guys again sometime in the future. Good luck to you all. Arsonist
  6. Got ya, next time I see ya online, I'll invite u to a game. I suck at being a monster xD, my best role so far is medic or assault, I like the mines.
  7. Ty, I'm trying to get some of my RL friends to join in with me, I just don't wanna use my mic rn cause my voice is still all fucked up and my coughing is gonna be distracting, I'm just messing around in it ATM, nothing too serious. But even losing it's still a blast.
  8. Yes, it is. I applied for the closed beta awhile back for both platforms, but never got in, then I saw yesterday there was an option to download it. I still couldn't play, which was weird but while I was on playing Unity earlier, a notification popped up and said Evolve was ready to play. I clicked on it and it let me in! I was so happy, it's actually a really fun game so far.
  9. Well since I'm still getting over the flu, I just found out that this just went open beta today. I know not many people in here may not own a One, but if anyone else has the X1, add me and we can team up and kill some monsters (or vice-versa ). My GT is on my profile, but just in case it's confusing, it's L0STPERFECTION, with the first "0" being a zero. Happy Hunting!
  10. Hey guys, Ive been extremely sick the past few days, just laying around in bed only getting up to refill my water and release bodily fliods. I think i might have sime form of th flu. I;ve just been not been feeling giid at all, even my throat's been killing me, been spittijg up black mucus, so even if I do jump on TS, I won't be doing any talking, I don't believe my candidacy is going tuat great, but I just wanted to let u guys know i didn/t just give up. I'll try to get onm tje forums and post still, if that helps at all. If not, thanks for th second chance and I'd likee to be able to stay in th in game SWTOR guild if at all possible. Thnaks for your time (i messed up the alignment and couldnt get it back, sorry about that(
  11. Time to redownload DOSBox... If you want to play some of the old King's Quests and Quest for Glories remade, check this site out: