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  1. Just got back from a street party celebration on Mission Hill. This was a weird week in Boston.
  2. I'll let you know once it's built.
  3. Same as my last, Intel 240GB SSD and 2x Western Digital 1TB HDD
  4. Forgot to update some of the links, that's fixed.
  5. It's been nearly two and a half years since I built my last computer, Church. I targeted 2014 as the expiration date, but now that I have a full time job I can afford a computer sooner than expected. My old machine will be moving to a Mini-ITX form factor to be used as a Steam Box in my living room. Introducing: Pipe Dream (2013 - 2016) Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme As an overclocker, I need an overclocker's motherboard. I'm also planning on taking advantage of the RAID 5 support. CPU: Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition Gotta go fast. Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB (4x8GB) Memory is still pretty cheap, and lately I've found that I've been using more and more of it. Video Card: ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN x2 Not one, but two of nVidia's current flagship. I am going to be doing a lot of CUDA work involving Ray Tracing, so the more cores, the better. Being able to drive two 2560x1440 displays is an added benefit. Power Supply: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold Series Those two video cards suck up a lot of juice. Slight future-proofing being done in the event I decide I want a third Titan. Also, I want a high ceiling when I start overclocking. As always, I went with a modular power supply for better cable management. Case: Corsair Vengeance Series C70 I have three requirements for cases: Side-window, no door, doesn't look like a Transformer. Monitor: Dell UltraSharp U2713HM x2 Picture quality is excellent, resolution is outstanding, and I'm getting two of them, making my effective resolution 5120x1440 pixels. I'm considering getting a third once I get enough desk space. The first wave of parts has already been ordered, but this is probably going to be a slow build spanning the next couple of months.
  6. My class gets out at 9, will probably be at Meadhall around 10.
  7. You're still gonna need a video card with enough power/ports for three monitors.
  8. I haven't used it myself but consensus is that unless you're doing some serious overclocking you should be fine.
  9. Long overdue update, just in time for the holidays.
  10. If this was literally at least a day earlier fffff
  11. For some reason, I cannot connect to the server. Trying to join from in-game brings me to the Joining Lobby screen, which hangs for about two minutes. I then get kicked back to the main menu with a "Session no longer available" message. The MadCast server is the only server that does this for me, all other servers work fine. I've tried all the usual tricks (restart steam, cache integrity, etc.) and have not yet resorted to reinstalling CS:GO. I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this issue. EDIT: I managed to get in, don't know what changed since the last few times I tried.
  12. The only problem with your build is that the motherboard you selected is an H77 chipset, which is not capable of overclocking. If you intend on overclocking you will need a different mobo. If you don't intend on overclocking, there is no need to spend extra on the water cooler (which I still think is a waste of money since my i5 2500K is OC'd to 4.3GHz on stock air cooling) and there is no need to spend extra on the unlocked CPU.
  13. lol direct hit, get some skill scrub
  14. The only reason you'd ever need above 600W is if you're going to run Crossfire / SLI. Unless you're going to be doing this with the best hardware available (i.e. money is no issue), there is literally no reason to do this, since it's more cost-effective to just get a more powerful card than buying a second of the same card for a less than modest performance gain. Not only that, but the video card he's purchasing only has one 6-pin PCI-E power connector, so there's absolutely no need for anything over 650W. Also, Wattage isn't as important as the amount of power being routed to the 12V rail in the PSU; if you're getting a cheap-o 750W PSU I guarantee you that you will have problems down the road; cheap high wattage power supplies usually have worse than normal craftsmanship and do not adequately power the 12V rail, so when you push your system because you expect to have all that wattage, the card itself actually can't output that power fast enough and you're fucked anyway.
  15. I should be around tonight, but it will only be for the first game. Knowing the L4D crew it's possible and almost likely that we can get people at the last minute. EDIT: ^^ Well now that you've posted that, nevermind I guess.