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  1. How about these guys? Their pro at the game (seriously though, its so bad but its alot of fun to watch) 7:15. "I'm just gonna keep buying this sword and hope for the best"
  2. wiseScarface93 Castile Au Scarface shall return!
  3. Which kind of card have you been using? I've been having alot of my own performance problems with the gtx660 Edit: I just realized you meant the program that comes with the video cards, not the card itself That's an equally painful experience to go through. I just eventually decided to completely uninstall it.
  4. Meanwhile, in Australia ...
  5. I just got back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm sure that movie's 'cool' enough to be added to the list
  6. I have actually had this issue in the past, and running it in compatible temporarily solved it for me. It worked for the first few go's, but started crashing again at a number of certain missions. I havent had a chance to go back and try the game again to see the extent of the problem, but I may do so none the less just to see what's up. Let me know what happens on your end It's definitely fun co-op game, but unfortunately, shit happens and that always sucks
  7. Woo! Australia vs Netherlands ... that'll be a close one! Right? RIGHT?!
  8. While I did think the episode was still fantastic, let's just say that book readers may have been expecting a different ending. Ending on the Arya scene was awesome none the less, but it'd be understandable for some book readers to say they've been thrown off a little bit.
  9. Oh its down? A little relieved, I thought something was going on with my connection. Yeah, I'll definitely second your suggestion
  10. Have the files for the old vanilla server been posted anywhere yet? I may have something special planned