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  1. trevman


    Should be up to date.
  2. As it says happy day of your birth MadCast: Oliver
  3. trevman


    is there anyone thats serious into pvp? on alliance? need a disc priest for arena? let me know
  4. currently ive been playing with 4 friends from wow. if i had more time i would be intrested in heading up planetside but my schedule is really wonky
  5. no, in the madcast outfit still
  6. If anyone is still interested in this i got a couple friends from wow to try it. 5 of us. im normally on from midnight to 3am almost everynight IGN trevman
  7. Welcome back. cash pending you will have my backing in bf4
  8. trevman

    Got engaged!

    congrats buddie
  9. trevman


    I could not find a thread for streamers but im gunna be streaming the vast majority of my wow play from now on at if anyone else is streaming regularly post in here
  10. trevman


    bump for new members
  11. a handfull of people still play. the paragon levels are the same as real levels plus they give 3% magic find each level. fyi you can only have 300 so no need for magic find on ur gear past 300. as for the keys you need full stacks of nephelam(SP) 5 stacks, you get those from killing rare spawns and death no longer wipe it only changing spells and changing ur quest from the menu. each act has a key warden. you get a 10% chance per Monster power setting you are on ( selectable from quest menu if toggled on in your options) you need each key from each act. then act four has a key warden that drops the plans to make the portal. you use the keys to make the portal and then you can attempt to kill the bosses in the portal that drop organs. if you colect the organs you can then make a ring for your self.