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  1. Sketch scrawled from memory after the encounter at the Gutgore incident.
  2. Been drawing on my ds on lunch.
  3. Been awhile but I finally did another painting.
  4. We'll get you added to the Pantheon and catch you on there soon! I'm happy to hear you are enjoying it!!
  5. Dare tell me I never loved you. There are acrylic strokes, elegant words, sleepless nights, horrific dreams and drunken slurrs honoring my affection /or was it affliction?/ for you. No. I never loved you - I was destroyed by merely the thought of you.
  6. "I cri evertim ;__;" This made my day. Interesting post - I enjoyed reading it.
  7. Remember, as a reward for logging into Skyforge between July 16th and July 23rd, players will earn a unique Mechanic Costume, to be awarded in-game after the first week of OBT! I'm really excited for this outfit and I had actually been saving up threads for it before I heard about this. I wonder what color the shirt will be on the free one.
  8. The games I enjoy the most have always been because of the friends I play with. Guild Wars 2 has never been a particularity challenging game - however no one can deny that last night was incredibly fun. Lucy and I charging forward in a dungeon we don't know(and feeling suspicious because we were the only ones there) to meet our sudden fate testing a build that Pelena slaved over for me complete with food, rotation and 20 minute theory write up - Fayea casually peeling my dead body off the floor 5 times during a boss fight (and yes using time warp because she loves me) and Shadow wondering what's the big deal with hitting a boss stuck in the ceiling cause engis op. That's why this place is so great - you can pretty much play anything and have fun.
  9. How fascinating. I use to have night terrors as a kid and I wonder if this would've helped my parents get some sleep.