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  2. This is such a beautiful album. Can't wait to have this in my hands on Friday =D
  3. Barqs

    Season 4

    Honestly, being able to level via adventure mode makes leveling stupidly easy. You can easily get from 1 - 70 in just a single session, especially if you party up with a couple others. The gem and craftable changes coming with S4 may make this even easier as well.
  4. Enjoy the celebration of the day of your birth good sir!
  5. That monk set is so nice
  6. Absolutely cannot wait for the cube so I can finally clean up my damn gem tab. I also really like the fact that bounties are now a viable thing (and pretty much necessary) as constant rifts can get boring after awhile.
  7. Tuomas. Fucking. Saukkonen. Not only is he one of the coolest dudes I've met in the metal world but the guy writes the straight up best material coming out of the melodeath genre right now.
  8. Barqs

    Math is hard I need a bottle of extra strength painkillers after reading that
  9. Happy birthday bud!
  10. Barqs


    I played for an hour or so earlier today. I enjoy what I've seen so far and plan to spend a little more time with it here soon. I'll save any deep comments on the game until then =)