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  1. Rocket League (05/13/2018) Members Only

    Blame Shattered for pestering me into playing like 15 mins beforehand. It was fun and I still think the Scarab should be scrapped
  2. Rocket League (04/15/2018)

  3. Wednesday Night Raid (11/15 @7pm)

    Akisuke#1144 288 Hunter
  4. New MMO: Tree of Savior, from the makers of Ragnarok Online

    A friend of mine introduced me to the game a long time ago while he was eagerly awaiting it's release on our side of the world. I got to pick the server first this morning for 4 of us and later during the day Grishal pointed me to this thread. Luckily I also picked Klaipeda so we shall join you in this quest for a guild
  5. MadCast Rocket League Extravaganza 1-16-2016

    Sign me up! Should be working evening shift next week which gives me a clear weekend (they are so rare these days )
  6. Roles in Dota

    The roles are a bit different in DotA since the heroes are divided by their primary attribute(strength, agility, intelligence) and roles. The main roles are carry, support, jungler, but there are also other roles like nuker, pusher, initiator and durable(tank) which usually fit in with one of the main roles. For example, Lina, is listed as an excellent nuker, but does not have the carry role listed and she is more often used as a support. There are multiple setups for the lanes as far as 1-1-2-jungler is concerned. Since Dota has a safe lane(bot radiant/top dire) and an offlane(top radiant/bot dire), the solo player can go in either lane depending on the hero played and the team comp. Usually there is a carry in all 3 lanes or 2 carries in the side lanes with an initiator mid(like batrider) and a support helping a carry top or bot. There is also the trilane setup (1-1-3) where a hero who can handle 1v2 situations is sent to the offlane while a carry and 2 supports(usually with an initiator) are sent to the safe lane. While the carry kills the creeps in the lane for gold, one of the supports harass the enemy heroes while the other hero pulls their creep wave every 30-60 seconds using the creep camp closest to the lane. For heroes to start off with based on their primary attributes, I recommend sniper for agility (carry, similar to marksman in LoL), wraith king for strength (carry, has one targeted stun and 3 passives), and finally Warlock for intelligence (support, has an ultimate similar to Annie's Tibbers but always stuns with a large AoE). I hope this helps.
  7. [WILDSTAR] Tuesday Dungeon Takedowns!

    I'm up for some runs. Currently level 19, but getting 65% of my level in 90 minutes shouldn't be a problem
  8. League of Legends Lunar Revel Series - 2/1/14 3PM EST

    Summoner: Akisuke Level: 30 Primary Role: Mid Secondary Role: Top/ADC Least Preferred Role: Support Looking to captain: No I already received my schedule for next week and I am not working on the 1st and 2nd of February, but it is always a possibility that I have to go to work if something comes up.
  9. Marvel Heroes - any MadCast folks currently playing?

    I've been jumping between the story, legendary quests and the green terminals. They increased the experience gained from legendary quests and it's the best way to level up but they send you all over the place.
  10. Marvel Heroes - any MadCast folks currently playing?

    I've been playing on and off for the past two months. I already have like half the roster unlocked and I need to get the rest now xD
  11. Aura Kingdom?

    I'm interested as well
  12. Proto Needs Competition!

    I also have Skullgirls. I was on the fence about buying Foul Play but I got a coupon on steam for it so I picked it up. Already sent friend requests on steam to you two.
  13. DOTA 2 In-House September 24th

    This is tonight!
  14. DOTA 2 In-House September 24th

    I'm in!
  15. DOTA 2 In-House August 22nd

    I'll join! I'll also be playing a couple of (bot?) games tomorrow if you guys want to join and ask for tips.