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  1. Bumping cause I can, and also because we're trying this again in 2 days! Yay!
  3. We can see about getting you power levelled, perhaps even before the actual event. What level are you now?
  4. Greetings Agents, With confirmation that Title Update 3 is going to be coming next week, most likely May 16th (as all the maintenance and patches have happened on Thursdays so far), we are going to begin holding weekly events next Saturday, May 18th at 7pm EST. According to the poll this was the most wanted time, so we'll start with this. After the patch, the initial point of this event will be to get people geared up for the raid that will be opening shortly afterwards. Discussing build possibilities, etc after the big changes coming in the patch. Look forward to seeing you in D.C. Agents!
  5. ---CONNECTING TO SHD NETWORK--- . .. ... .. . ---CONNECTION SECURED--- Agents, D.C. Needs your help! Alright, all jokes aside, I'm putting out a call to the Division 2 players here! I'm looking to start a weekly event soon, and need some input from those of you currently playing! I know we have a LOT of scheduled events going on all the time, so I'm trying to see if there's a good time (or times) that we can all get together to do stuff! For now it would only be group missions, or PVP, which are 4-man groups. Soon(tm) however there will be the new 8-man raids! This is an exciting concept and I want to start getting a regular routine going so when this content comes out we can smash the crap out of it as a group and not have to rely on a bunch of randos to go through some of the most difficult content in the game. We have a load of different days and times to choose from! So give the Poll a vote, and please choose however many of the options would work for you! Thanks, and good hunting Agents!
  6. Seriously though, Thank you so much for the vote of confidence!
  7. Dunno why, but this has been stuck in my head on repeat for the last few weeks.
  8. (Or... oh no not him again!) So it looks like I'm applying to be a Ranked Full Member once again! This time though, for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. The roadmap of upcoming content on this game looks amazing and I want to lead us forward as the game itself moves forward. With 8-man raids being implemented at the end of this month, we'll need a bit of work to get up to snuff to be ready for those, but I think we can do it! I have already been a driving force in getting several of our members who play levelled up and if not all the way close enough to the end game content that they could easily just reach out and touch it. I have previously been an RFM. For Guild Wars 2, then the much-loved, ill-fated, oft-crashing Mimic Minecraft Server. I resigned because once the Minecraft server started waning, none of the other games being played heavily were in my wheelhouse. I look forward to helping MadCast move forward in this, and hopefully many more games in the future!
  9. A voice channel getting 'pruned' doesn't mean anything negative. There are already a ton of channels, and every once in awhile some of the less active ones (this would include the PoE channel) get removed when nobody is using it. This does not in any way mean a new one can't be made on the fly. Granted, only FMs or higher can make a new voice channel, but it shouldn't be an issue to find an FM willing to spend the five seconds to re-make the channel for you. I am not an admin, so don't take anything I say as definitive. However, if you do ever need the channel to come back and can't find anyone else immediately active, just shoot me a message in Discord. I'm always around, whether it be at my actual PC or just on my phone and I would be more than happy to make the channel for you real quick.
  10. Nice! My room-mate plays Skorne, I'm Mercs, Cryx (satyxis specifically), Convergence and I just added everything Grymkin. I think I'm done buying models (for the most part) until the new LImited faction comes out, the Infernals sound fun.
  11. Depends on the size and level of detail on the piece. I used a new method on the Tree and got that far in a couple of hours. There's still a -lot- of work that could be done in highlighting and shading, but I'm not quite there yet.
  12. Oh man, I can do crock-pot recipes on a budget, I just put this doc together, ignore some of the formatting, as the recipes have come from different origin documents.
  13. New priming technique and new brushes! This is still a WIP, but it's coming along very nicely.
  14. Depends on how large the armies are. In an event setting, a standard sized game is not going to last more than around 2 hours, but this is due to turn timers, etc. If you're just starting, it can take a lot longer than that.