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  1. Nice! My room-mate plays Skorne, I'm Mercs, Cryx (satyxis specifically), Convergence and I just added everything Grymkin. I think I'm done buying models (for the most part) until the new LImited faction comes out, the Infernals sound fun.
  2. Depends on the size and level of detail on the piece. I used a new method on the Tree and got that far in a couple of hours. There's still a -lot- of work that could be done in highlighting and shading, but I'm not quite there yet.
  3. Oh man, I can do crock-pot recipes on a budget, I just put this doc together, ignore some of the formatting, as the recipes have come from different origin documents.
  4. New priming technique and new brushes! This is still a WIP, but it's coming along very nicely.
  5. Depends on how large the armies are. In an event setting, a standard sized game is not going to last more than around 2 hours, but this is due to turn timers, etc. If you're just starting, it can take a lot longer than that.
  6. My horned pirate ladies have now been completely base coated and based! The "official" color schemes have them all with black hair, but that's way to boring, so I opted for some variety instead! Also finished the base coat on this guy today:
  7. Good start! The best two pieces of advice I can give you were the two greatest pieces of advice I got when starting out. 1.) Thin your paints, base coats are smoother and look better when they are several thin coats. 2.) Buy a good brush or two. I started out with some crappy cheap brushes and when I picked up a good brush a few weeks later it was like Night and Day. I suggest Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sable Miniature brushes. I started with a #2, then picked up a #0 for those hard to reach spots and super tiny detail. Here's a #2 for pretty cheap on amazon!
  8. HUGE upgrade on phone means MUCH better camera! She still needs some highlighting and such. That was just a base coat, but I love this new camera.
  9. The parrot has already been washed. I just need to do some highlighting to make the shadows more obvious. Also, I started making custom bases for my models. This is one of the bases for my army of horned pirate ladies. I wanted the base to match the ghost ship the Warcaster (read: army leader) rides on. I used a two-part modelling epoxy (apoxiesculpt, woo!) and a rubber stamp from Happy Seppeku. I then base coated it in a deep wood brown, washed it, then dry-brushed the lighter brown on it. I think it turned out pretty good. I still have to get rid of the primer and excess brown on the actual edges of the base, but other than that...
  10. Hey all! Lately, my entire life has been consumed by three things. 1.) Work 2.) Playing Warmachine 3.) PAINTING WARMACHINE MINIATURES Warmachine is a game I was super interested in over a decade ago, but was wayyyyy too expensive to get into. Hooray for growing up and being able to spend money on hobbies! Aside from just playing the game, I decided to try my hand at painting the miniatures. I've been at it for a few months now, and have definitely gotten better than when I started. Don't get me wrong, I still suck, I just don't suck as much as I did when I first started. Here's a timeline of my work! One of my first pieces, These guys weren't so bad, as they were very simple. This one is more.. eh. You can see the brush work is incredibly sloppy and streaky. This was also when I only had cheap brushes. This little tumor looking thing here didn't turn out so bad, but my attempt at making a glowy blue This little guy didn't turn out so bad either. Next up I started painting my room-mates army. Entirely different than the robots, these guys are undead machines. (well, some of them anyway mostly undead). There were 10 of these guys in different poses. The first time I dealt with faces (though they were incredibly simple in this context). This was also the time I bought some expensive brushes. Huzzah Winsor & Newton! An attachment for the unit the last guy was apart of. This is a bonejack. Nasty little bugger. Needs some touching up when I go back to do highlighting and such. Here's a big guy, and one of the last pieces from my room-mates army I painted. Then I went back to my stuff and got some done. This here is a Warjack, it is a Nomad. Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor. (This is the most recent model I painted) Captain Bartolo Montador. (Forgive the face, It needs some serious work) The Ragman. Doc Killingsworth Lady Aiyana. Now, I know the rest of her needs some work, but I am super happy with the way her hair turned out. Much better than I expected. Then, I switched over to another faction of mine, and started painting some of the deadly horned ladies known as the Satyxis. Axiara Wraithblade Severa Blacktide I have about 40 more ladies to paint for this particular army, as it's lots of little guys running around with the demon pirate queen known as Skarre. Now this next picture, is my favorite. Every Pirate Queen needs a Parrot right? Well here is a bonejack known as a Shrike with a custom paint job: And there we have it. You can probably see the progress from the earliest to the latest, and it's significant. To me at least. Please forgive the terrible quality of the photos. My phone is a big of crap, and I am replacing it this weekend and will totally take better quality pictures. What do you think?
  11. It's going to be even better when it's on PC later this year. I'm totally double dipping. I call Insect Glaive.
  12. Hey all! I'm going to keep announcing major updates to this game until it is released, so here's another one! The main website for the game has been updated! It's shinier and more user friendly, but in my opinion the best new addition is the development roadmap! The main website is here: While the roadmap itself can be found here: Check out the site, but DEFINITELY check out the roadmap to see the big changes and additions coming to the game over the next year! I think the FoiP and VoiP additions in Q3 are one of the more interesting features that aren't core gameplay. Discuss!
  13. There are quite a few workshop mods that seem to add in all of the models (in 2d, which is all that matters). This guys are the ones I used. They seem to be the most up to date, and include the cards, which is nice. I just picked up TTS today, so I'm still learning how to navigate that as well, haha.