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    Spending an extraordinary amount of time on video games, movies, TV shows, and listening to music. Recently gotten back into anime/manga.

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    My name's Stephanie. I love meeting new people! I love answering/asking questions to get to know the person I'm talking to. I can be a bit shy unless I'm approached, though. Feel free to ask me anything! Currently pregnant and have been sort of absent from a lot of gaming, but I'm still around!

    Guild Wars 2: sarieth.8173
    Maya Ekho (80 Mesmer), Domsti (80 Guardian), Sylvia Demaine (80 Guardian), Amieli (80 Necromancer), Synzi Lux (80 Elementalist), Zehbi (80 Engineer)

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  1. In addition to those other movies, I've watched: Prince of Pennsylvania Crazy Love Fruitvale Station You're the Worst - season 2 Nathan for You - season 1 & 2
  2. My husband and I also binge watched this documentary one weekend, and both of us were getting irrationally angry and frustrated while watching it. After the dust settled on my emotions, I also cannot say I think he's innocent or guilty as the documentary was very defense oriented. I read some stuff later on that said they had left out a bunch of information/evidence that we, the viewer, didn't get to see that seems awfully suspicious. However, that doesn't excuse how the whole case was handled. I agree that it reminds me very much of the Serial podcast (mostly in that it just opens up a lot of questions and leaves you miserably disappointed and confused at the end). And just from watching the documentary, I would have liked to have seen them dig a bit more into the ex-boyfriend cause all of that was really suspicious as well. With that said, I'm very interested to see if anything comes from this and no matter what happens, the documentary alone was very entertaining.
  3. The Martian is totally on my list, too (I even snagged the book during the holidays). I should see about renting it! Movies: Fury Foxcatcher Insurgent And if we're counting stuff in the theaters: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (finally got to see it yesterday!)
  4. Oh man, I loved that show. Was so sad when it ended. Are we counting movies in this, or just TV shows? Cause I'm working on some TV shows, but have mostly only found time for movies.
  5. If you use Chrome, you can use your WASD keys to look around this video.
  6. Welcome! Hope you have fun!
  7. YES! Football season is my favorite time of year! I'm dressed and ready!!!! Also, because I will be terribly disappointed if Rodgers doesn't give us one of these beauties this year. Movember up, Rodgers! Oh JAY.
  8. Dragon slaying is at least in my top 5 traits I'm looking for when I research candidates!
  9. Completed: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  10. Well, that's stinkin' adorable!!!
  11. Completed: Fool Moon Currently reading (or about to start): - Grave Peril - Jim Butcher - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling I've wanted to re-read this damn series for YEARS, and been so lazy with it lately. Have been sitting on the Harry Potter box set since Christmas.
  12. - Storm Front - Jim Butcher (Completed) - Fool Moon - Jim Butcher I love those Mira Grant novels! I keep wanting to re-read them (and her other stuff). My pregnancy brain is making me struggle to focus on anything for too long, but I hope to get through a couple more books this year if I can.
  13. Wouldn't spend any money on this considering I would die immediately. I understand the concept of, say, going to the movies and spending money and only getting to see that movie once but I'm not comfortable doing that with games.
  14. Welcome and good luck on your candidacy! Also I agree - yay Munchkin!
  15. I was going to say I prefer to keep the two separate, coming from someone who watches both sports and esports, but the video makes a good point about what ESPN does air. I don't see why people wouldn't eventually be more receptive to online gaming if they are okay watching poker and similar things like that that are equally mental and competitive. Probably just a lack of understanding of how the games are played, but it is very different watching a bunch of people doing something physical and watching a bunch of people sitting in front of computers. But I agree. I would much rather go on Twitch or Youtube to watch gaming videos when I wanna watch professional matches. I don't think esports need ESPN and vice versa, and I actually think they probably would do way better on a different channel maybe. While I think players who compete in sports and esports are athletes in their own way, I do think of them as separate forms of entertainment.