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  1. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

    Welcome! Goof to see another Waluigi fan.
  2. Rocket League (04/22/2018)

    I will play.
  3. College Football Week 14

    If they're going to have 5 major conferences and a Group of 5 then it should have been an 8 team playoff from the start. Power 5 champions and best Group of 5 team get in, with 2 at larges. 1 Clemson vs 8 UCF 2 Oklahoma vs 7 USC 3 Georgia vs 6 Wisconsin 4 Alabama vs 5 Ohio State But it would be pretty difficult to schedule with 2 extra games after the main bowl games. Can't play on the first weekend of January because that's NFL wild card playoffs. They would have to play the semifinals on Monday or Tuesday then the championship game on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  4. Community Game Night: Jackbox Party Pack

    This game is a lot of fun and I will be there. Edit: something came up and I won't be there.
  5. 2017 Fantasy Football

    I will be back as well.
  6. Just for Bait

    Why are they singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame when they're already at the ballgame?
  7. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Spoiler free)

    It really is a masterpiece. Massive, beautiful, highly detailed world with every climate and landscape imaginable. Hope they will use the same formula with Mario Odyssey.
  8. Nintendo Switch friend codes

    Changed my mind, I'm getting Splatoon 2. Pearl's ill rhymes and Marina's sick beats did it for me.
  9. Nintendo Switch friend codes

    I will pass on the squid kids. I've been playing BOTW's Trial of the Sword and even the "Beginning" trial is pretty challenging.
  10. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - My reaction

    I'm very slightly intrigued by this game.
  11. Nintendo Switch friend codes

  12. Bringin' Booze Bolt Back - May 20, 8 PM EST

  13. Nintendo Switch friend codes

    You found every single Korok seed? If so, that's true dedication.
  14. Nintendo Switch friend codes

    SW-3456-1570-5034 Almost have every shrine found in BOTW.
  15. 7 Tricks That Grandmasters Abuse

    1. Always strafe left and right randomly when moving. Running straight ahead is essentially the same as standing still. 2. Kill yourself sometimes. When you've lost a fight, jump off a cliff to avoid giving ult charge to the enemies and respawn with your teammates. 3. Track when your enemies have ult up, and try to bait them into using them. 4. Learn when to poke. You can give the enemy Ana a quick early ult which can tide-turning. 5. Practice your aim with custom games vs Ana bots. 6. Lower your sensitivity, and aim with your arm, not your wrist. 7. Be a leader on your team. Don't flame your teammates and don't create conflict. I've been working on #6 lately with some good results. I used to have a foam wrist pad that would basically lock my arm in place, so I could only aim by moving my wrist. I got rid of it and have been working on moving my arm instead. I've been lowering the sensitivity a bit, playing until I'm used to it, lowering it again, and so on.