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  1. I am 280 now. without getting any legendary mods installed
  2. I'd like to check it out if there is room, but I just got this Friday so I only have Hunter 268
  3. It was. I was saying that I missed this Friday but from now on I know about it so I will totally be DTF
  4. I missed this one but I will 100% be DTF* from now on. *Down To Fractal.
  5. nah. there are like 80 in a 5.4oz (tall) can of Pringles.
  6. Just wanted to make sure people saw this. Its an overlay that adds a radial mount menu. I know its probably faster to just use the individual hotkeys but for me using this has really been helpful and the interface I feel fits in really nicely. during the PoF AMA the devs talked about having made a radial menu but pulling it out to keep things simple but that if people seemed interested in a menu that might revisit that so hopefully in a QoL patch this type of thing might make it directly into the game. Github link Anet conditional approval WhirlwindAthleticBovine.webm
  7. really depends. if you are just starting fractals then you basically just need to have starter gear, exotic is fine. a lot of what you need to push higher fractals is gated in fractals so you aren't going to jump in starting at a high fractal level without having some time in fractals any ways. @MadCast: Kelica would be better suited to answer this thou.
  8. Been playing for a week now after coming back and I am finally caught up with the story for LS2/3 HoT and PoF. Cato had some new weapons so while I was getting pretty decided that he should be a girl cause they are smaller and I hate fat char butts now. Dying mounts is lit.
  9. Is anyone from MadCast Gaming still active in GW2?
  10. At first I was like its somewhat like Dollhouse but its not really... think sci-fi thriller mystery ish set in a canned wild west world but don't go in looking for a sci-fi western cause its not really that. More in line with the movie Ex Machina but probably the best new show this year.