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  1. Just finished One Punch Man last week. It was awesome! Can't believe no one has mention Knight of Sidonia. That is one amazing show. Season 2 is done airing in Japan but dubbed/subbed version not yet available. If anyone knows differently PM please, space-mech giant alien monster anime tickles my balls something fierce.
  2. Season 2 really takes you down the rabbit hole. If you thought Season 1 messed with your head, just wait. This show man.. this show! love it!
  3. CANNOT WAIT! DUDE!!! An AAA Game, FPS, set in WWI! It has never been done! Can't wait to storm the trenches as a German Stormtrooper!!
  4. It's a really fun game Jabooboo! The game absolutely breathes atmosphere. There is a perk that you can pick up that unlocks all undiscovered intel (cellphones, laptops, etc..) on cleared areas. I unlocked this perk last night and proceeded to scoop up all those intel audio clips. It was soul-crushing listening to that many messages (many connected) all together and in proper sequence. Like I said, this game breathes atmosphere. The guns are hella fun too. Also, I spend WAY too much time making sure my outfit matches my jacket. edit : Rock Paper Shotgun released their review of the Game :
  5. MadCast: Shryke 


    Add me to Steam, looked for you but there are a ton of Shattered's! Division gonna be tight! 

  6. Came here looking for this thread. Just pre-ordered for PC and can't wait to play! I will be looking for some of you to add to friends list on Tuesday!
  7. Way back when with CS Source it was ritalin, the cal-m team I was a member of would red-bull and ritalin before every match, it was weird because their speech patterns would be totally different than when we were just pug'ing. I have no idea how they were getting it, it was never an option for me. Lol, the only drug I could take was caffeine and sugar in jolt-cola form.
  8. Late to the party! Happy Birthday Kelcy Kelss! Hope you took time to enjoy it despite the stress of moving / starting something new! For you!
  9. Hey, found this video and thought I would share. Some of these stretches/exercises I had prescribed to me by a physiotherapist for my tennis elbow a few years back when I was hyper competitive in CS 1.6 and CSS. The arm ligament stretches are really really good for keeping your whole gaming arm/wrist/hand limber and productive. Anyways, just to say that this shit really works if you have issues. Final note, my physiotherapist said that, no, masturbation doesn't count as arm exercise, it actually worsens pre-existing conditions. I know you were thinking this Jobo, don't lie!
  10. Thanks guys and girls! Mucho appreciated! I got star wars lego!!!!!!
  11. Shryke

    Image Virus on Steam

    I know this is late to the party but I got home yesterday from visiting up north and your PM saved me from having to deal with this crap. Thanks for taking the time to mass PM everyone, I appreciate it!
  12. could you take a picture of the hole and post it? I've patched a few holes around the house (kids + minecraft swords = mining for materials in the basement!) and, depending on the size of the hole, you might just be able to patch and paint.
  13. Haha! Awesome caps Jobo, love the goat pic.