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  1. Gentlemen, I respect each and every one of you that took on the roles of being a teacher, being a protector and being a role model. May your day be peaceful and your children show you all the love and respect that you rightly deserve!
  2. Welcome to the Madcast, Miss Michi
  3. I have done PvE, I have done PvP. I would say it is about time to learn WvWvW, don't you think? I am in!
  4. Name: Pelena The Variable Class: Engineer by trade. Used by: GhostBear.7583 I will enter this tourney *raises little fist in defiance*
  5. I, Mahryus, have read, understood and agreed to the terms put forth to be a Full Member. *bows* Thank you for having me! Thank you for the love guys!
  6. Maybe I will stop hearing Saders yell "Come at me, bro!".................. NAW! Plus side, I always have Sader builds flowing through my head. (though I wont comment on being gear-dependent *COUGH CHOKE*) plus with patches, they are trying to make more builds open.
  7. One thing I can say about this guild is we love our alts and we help each other. We are mad like that (pun intended). I will be starting my mesmer up after this week's patch to try out the new way of leveling so I look forward to seeing you in the low levels.
  8. I was in that group! For the first timers, they dealt with the Dredge fractal like Raid Bosses *salutes* When we do the run-through to Jade Maw or are doing the Mai Trin run-around, my new war cry will be "Fungus Time!" just because of you now. Great track!
  9. You could do what I do nowadays and have yourself an Irish coffee or a Jagaerbomb to help with the alkie part (well,the first one anyway )
  10. More Guild War 2 people. I love it! Welcome sir!