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  1. MadCast Angel 2017

    Donation sent.
  2. Your most played Overwatch hero?

    Lucio - 4 hours Soldier 76 - 3 hours Reinhardt - 2 hours
  3. Free early access open beta key

    Early access key to the open beta. First come first serve: 3721705524153735450644719.
  4. The Future of Battlefield

    I hope it is Bad Company 3.
  5. Difficult Decisions

    Damn Jobo, that is sweet.
  6. MadCast Angel 2015

    Thanks for the update Scooba! Appreciate you doing this.
  7. MadCast Angel 2015

    Donation sent.
  8. MadCast Member's Opinion: Battlefront

    I will admit I was a little let down by the beta. It didn't leave me looking forward to release day as BF3 and BF4 did. Jobo has a good point about the game feeling "too" casual, almost like it was intentional. With the constant audio cues about objectives its like they know people aren't grouping together and attempting any kind of teamwork. Its almost the complete opposite of the forced squad aspect of earlier Battlefield games. This just has the feel of console Call of Duty with some Battlefield elements thrown into the mix.
  9. Star Wars Battlefront - No server browsing

    Hope this turns out not to be true, but its not looking good.
  10. Rainbow 6 Beta Keys, Get yours NOW!

    Beta key claimed.
  11. Battlefront - Origin ID - Facebook

  12. BATTLEFRONT™ - Pre-Order

  13. Sim City 2000 is free?

    Been playing this on my tablet using aDOSBox. I highly recommend this game, especially since its free.
  14. MadCast Angel 2014

    Donation sent.
  15. Happy Birthday BlueJay!

    Happy Birthday Bluejay! It may be a few days before he sees this thread guys, his nursing home only allows him 30 minutes of internet access on Friday afternoon after his water aerobics class. I just hope Amazon discreetly packaged my gift for him: