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  1. Even after all this time, you're still just a punk ass bitch

  2. This is due to the main guilds (Gaiscioch, RA, EG ) pushing to make SOR casual and not care about winning (In a PvP game mode). Then they went out of their way to not communicate to any of the commanders that they "Care so much about". If you need more info you can always PM me of catch me on TS and i can give you more info . But i love SOS so far the server council has not done wrong by me and communicates to me on a daily basis even though i am not a super mega zerg commander (So already way better).
  3. What is the main focus of these builds (PvE/TPvP/WvW).
  4. I remember reading that they said Malth is not on the way PS: Did not read Munsa's post . . . . . Munsa delete this please
  5. I am down for ether but i am a huge fan of the mech, bug, crystal race (Just love the concept).
  6. This will still be the go to due to how they nerf Condis (Nerf may be a bad word). They cut base damage in half but increased the scaling with Condition Damage by double. So in the end if you have 0 condi damage you will do very little with condis but if you are full condi damage (Like most of my characters Loves condis so much) you will do a lot more damage (Most are saying to much). In the end it is a good change i think due to the ability where i wont need 3 different sets dependent on what i am doing on my Mesmer (Power shatter for open world / Condi shatter WvW/ Power utility for Dung )
  7. I would say it just spreads the current stacks and conditios. I mean epidemic was always strong in WvW no need to nerf it now
  8. This tierlist was created in conjunction with Juno, Sleiph, Yordlebob, Munsa, Stan, and myself. Keep in mind that there is no delineation within the tiers. Keep in mind this is updated for the Kael'Thas patch. T0 = Good in every team no matter what, Will always like this pick. T1 = Solid all around pick. T2 = Can be good but T1 does their job better T3 = Can be good but needs a team to be built around them for it to be a good pick. T4 = Very Very Very situational pick don't normally pick. T5 = Don't pick 0 upsides to these heroes. New releases NOT in tier list waiting for results. Kael’Thas - Assassin Johanna - Warrior T0 Anub’Arak - Warrior Uther - Support E.T.C - Warrior Jaina - Assassin Sylvanas - Specialist Valla - Assassin T1 Illidan - Assassin Rehgar - Support Kerrigan - Assassin Diablo - Warrior Muradin - Warrior Tyrande - Support Malfurion - Support Zagara - Specialist Tassadar - Support T2 Raynor - Assassin Brightwing - Support Zeratul - Assassin Sonya - Warrior Tyrael - Warrior T3 Azmodan - Specialist Chen - Warrior Stitches - Warrior Thrall - Assassin Tychus - Assassin Nazeebo - Specialist T4 Falstad - Assassin Sgt.Hammer - Specialist LiLi - Support Arthas - Warrior The Lost Vikings - Specialist Abathur - Specialist Nova - Assassin T5 Murky - Specialist Gazlowe - Specialist
  9. Question do you get the ability to control multiple ships, or is it just 1?
  10. I agree with Munsa. Don't know what else to say . PS: be able to play at least 3 characters from each role so you cant get denied by the other team grabbing the 1 support or tank you can play.
  11. Good to hear Haywire. Iceman is a very solid and one of the more solid new heroes i have seen. I do know TTK is not everything but if you look to raid his TTk for all 3 are very competitive. (Ranged is 35 sec, Melee is 39 Sec, Summons is very fluctuating but mine is 55 Sec) All in all he is a blast and i smashed him very hard the day he dropped hit 60 in under 4 hours. I will say the only thing i have a issue with is his VO but that can be fixed
  12. I don't know if Prince or Peste still play. But i play almost daily so just hit me up. My in game name is Nemmial and i do have a clan just for a couple friends of mine. It does have some Madcasters in it but not officially a Madcast clan/guild/what ever they call it. If you want a invite like I said just hit me up on TS or in game and i will shoot you a invite.
  13. It looks like a main protag from a mecha anime.
  14. Dan is correct. i will say the one thing that i love about Redline is that there is no CG every scene is hand drawn. Which if you are a anime nerd you can always appreciate that.