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  1. This is due to the main guilds (Gaiscioch, RA, EG ) pushing to make SOR casual and not care about winning (In a PvP game mode). Then they went out of their way to not communicate to any of the commanders that they "Care so much about". If you need more info you can always PM me of catch me on TS and i can give you more info . But i love SOS so far the server council has not done wrong by me and communicates to me on a daily basis even though i am not a super mega zerg commander (So already way better).
  2. What is the main focus of these builds (PvE/TPvP/WvW).
  3. I remember reading that they said Malth is not on the way PS: Did not read Munsa's post . . . . . Munsa delete this please
  4. I am down for ether but i am a huge fan of the mech, bug, crystal race (Just love the concept).
  5. This will still be the go to due to how they nerf Condis (Nerf may be a bad word). They cut base damage in half but increased the scaling with Condition Damage by double. So in the end if you have 0 condi damage you will do very little with condis but if you are full condi damage (Like most of my characters Loves condis so much) you will do a lot more damage (Most are saying to much). In the end it is a good change i think due to the ability where i wont need 3 different sets dependent on what i am doing on my Mesmer (Power shatter for open world / Condi shatter WvW/ Power utility for Dung )
  6. I would say it just spreads the current stacks and conditios. I mean epidemic was always strong in WvW no need to nerf it now
  7. This tierlist was created in conjunction with Juno, Sleiph, Yordlebob, Munsa, Stan, and myself. Keep in mind that there is no delineation within the tiers. Keep in mind this is updated for the Kael'Thas patch. T0 = Good in every team no matter what, Will always like this pick. T1 = Solid all around pick. T2 = Can be good but T1 does their job better T3 = Can be good but needs a team to be built around them for it to be a good pick. T4 = Very Very Very situational pick don't normally pick. T5 = Don't pick 0 upsides to these heroes. New releases NOT in tier list waiting for results. Kael’Thas - Assassin Johanna - Warrior T0 Anub’Arak - Warrior Uther - Support E.T.C - Warrior Jaina - Assassin Sylvanas - Specialist Valla - Assassin T1 Illidan - Assassin Rehgar - Support Kerrigan - Assassin Diablo - Warrior Muradin - Warrior Tyrande - Support Malfurion - Support Zagara - Specialist Tassadar - Support T2 Raynor - Assassin Brightwing - Support Zeratul - Assassin Sonya - Warrior Tyrael - Warrior T3 Azmodan - Specialist Chen - Warrior Stitches - Warrior Thrall - Assassin Tychus - Assassin Nazeebo - Specialist T4 Falstad - Assassin Sgt.Hammer - Specialist LiLi - Support Arthas - Warrior The Lost Vikings - Specialist Abathur - Specialist Nova - Assassin T5 Murky - Specialist Gazlowe - Specialist
  8. Question do you get the ability to control multiple ships, or is it just 1?
  9. I agree with Munsa. Don't know what else to say . PS: be able to play at least 3 characters from each role so you cant get denied by the other team grabbing the 1 support or tank you can play.
  10. Good to hear Haywire. Iceman is a very solid and one of the more solid new heroes i have seen. I do know TTK is not everything but if you look to raid his TTk for all 3 are very competitive. (Ranged is 35 sec, Melee is 39 Sec, Summons is very fluctuating but mine is 55 Sec) All in all he is a blast and i smashed him very hard the day he dropped hit 60 in under 4 hours. I will say the only thing i have a issue with is his VO but that can be fixed
  11. I don't know if Prince or Peste still play. But i play almost daily so just hit me up. My in game name is Nemmial and i do have a clan just for a couple friends of mine. It does have some Madcasters in it but not officially a Madcast clan/guild/what ever they call it. If you want a invite like I said just hit me up on TS or in game and i will shoot you a invite.
  12. It looks like a main protag from a mecha anime.
  13. Dan is correct. i will say the one thing that i love about Redline is that there is no CG every scene is hand drawn. Which if you are a anime nerd you can always appreciate that.
  14. Well here is mine everyone good luck.
  15. The only anime that has the most realistic breast physics. Highschool of the dead.
  16. Waiting for my turn Nevard . I got a good one.
  17. Do keep in mind this is all info i am getting from friends at Blizzcon or information on the internet. All info is subject to change and may not be 100% correct. (we will not know till we get official notes ) Thrall Abilities Frostwolf Resilience (Combat Trait) - Dealing damage with abilities grants 1 stack, at 5 stacks you are instantly healed for 211 health (875 level 1) (for every enemy hit) Q - Chain Lightning, 6 second cooldown, Deal 84 damage to the target and half that amount to 2 random, (Damage rated at level 2) W - Feral Spirit - 12 second cooldown, Send out a feral spirit, dealing 65 damage, hitting hero the wolf stops and roots that hero. Does damage in a line. (Damage rated at level 2) E - Windfury - 12 second cooldown, Movespeed bonus 25% for 4 seconds, you next 3 basics 100% faster. Talents Tier 1, Level 1 - Wind shear - Reduce the CD of windfury by 3 secondsRabid wolves - Damaging heroes with feral spirit grants 3 stacksRolling thunder - increase CL range by 30% enemies hit by CL restores 10 manaBlockSeasoned Marksman Tier 2, Level 4- Ride The Lightning - CL hits 2 additional targetsSpirit Journey - 50% more range on feral spiritMana Tide - Trait also restores 25 mana level 8 (570 mana)Envenom Tier 3, Level 7- Stone Wolves - Increase duration of root 1->1.5Battle MomentumFollow ThroughFrostwolf's Grace - Can use passive as an active Tier 4, Heroic Talents, Level 10- Sundering, 100 Seconds - After a short delay, Sundering the earth in a long line, dealing 446 damage and shoving enemies to the side, stunning them for 1.5 secondsEarthquake, 60 Seconds - Summon a massive earthquake that periodically slows enemies in the area by 70% Lasts for 10 seconds. Tier 5, Level 13- Restless Wolves - If Feral Spirit hits an enemy hero, its cooldown is reduced by 50%Grace of Air - Windfury attacks grant twice as many stacksGiant KillerSpell Shield Tier 6, Level 16 - Forked Lightning - 2 Charges on CLRide The Wind - MS boost 25-35% WF attacks increase the MS duration by 1 secondTempest Fury - The final attack hits 3 times for 50%Blood for Blood Tier 7, Level 20 BoltResurgenceWorldbreaker - Sundering travels indefinitelyEarthen Shields - Thrall and his allies within the earthquake area gain 15% of their max health as shields from each pulse. This shield lasts 4 seconds. Jaina Abilities Frostbite (Combat Trait) - Ability damage debuffs enemies with the chill debuff, slows movement speed for 4 seconds and grants 50% extra damage on her spells. Q - Frostbolt, 4 Second Cooldown - Skillshot that damages the first target hit. W - Blizzard, 15 Second Cooldown - AoE a little bit larger than Brightwing's Q. Two waves of ice fall from the sky .75-1 second apart. E - Cone of cold, 15 Second Cooldown - Short Cone ability that does damage and slows. Tier 1, Level 1 - Conjurer's PursuitWinter's reach - Increases Frostbolt range by 30%Lingering Chill - Increases chill duration by 2 seconds.Deep Chill - Increases slow amount to 35% on FrostbiteTier 2, Level 4 - Frost Shards - Frostbolt passes through its first target.Snowstorm - Increases radius of Blizzard by 30% (Ends up being a little bigger than Entangling Roots.Arcane Intellect - Damage to Chilled targets returns mana, basic attacks return 5 mana and Ability damage returns 25 mana.EnvenomTier 3, Level 7 - Ice Lance - Landing a Frostbolt on a chilled target reduces the cooldown of Frostbolt by 2 seconds.Ice Floes - Double the width of Cone of Cold and each enemy hit reduces cooldown by .5 secFrostbitten - Increase damage from Frostbite to 65%Frost Armor - Enemy Heroes that attack Jaina are chilled and every 8 seconds Jaina blocks the next basic attack from an enemy hero reducing damage by 75%Tier 4, Level 10 - Water Elemental - Summons a Water Elemental that does 122 damage and chills on summon, basic attacks splash for 25% damage and chill. 80 second Cooldown. (Damage evaluated at level 12)Ring of Frost - Places a Ring on the ground that does 488 damage and roots for 3 seconds if they are standing on the outside of the ring, persists for 3 seconds afterwards and chills. 100 Second Cooldown. (Evaluated at level 12) ( Edit: Wording is odd most likely it is if you stand in the ring much alike Veiger stun if you have played LoL)Tier 5, Level 13 - Storm Front, Increase cast range of blizzard by 100%,Improved Ice Block, Activate to go invuln for 3 seconds and nearby enemies are chilled on expire,Icy Veins - Activate to make your basic abilities' cooldowns recharge three times as fast and reduce their mana cost by 50% for 5 secondsSprintTier 6, Level 16 - Snow Crash - 3 waves of Blizzard instead of 2.Numbing Blast - Cone of Cold roots chilled enemies for 1 sec.Northern Exposure - Damage from Cone of Cold debuffs to have targets take an extra 25% dmg for 2 secondsIce barrier - 25% of the damage you deal to targets with chill is returned as shields lasts 3 seconds.Tier 7, Level 20 - Bolt -Swift storm -Wintermute - Water Elemental will now mimic your basic abilities for 50% damage, Water Elemental has 50% increased cast range.Cold snap - The center of the ring explodes with frost after the first ring expires.Lost Viking's Abilities Just a Flesh Wound (Combat Trait)- Death time for Lost Vikings is reduced by 25% Q - Jump 10 seconds W- Spin to win 10seconds E - Norse force 60seconds Tier 1, Level 1 Viking Hoard - Each Regeneration Globe gathered grants an extra +.05 health per second for all vikings.Olaf the Stout - Every 8 seconds olaf can block a basic attack reducing its damage by 75% Can store up to 2 chargesSpy Games - After standing still for 5 seconds Erik becomes cloaked and his sight radius is increased by 75%, the cloak effect persists for 3 seconds after movingTier 2, Level 4 Pain Don't Hurt - Baleog's Melee basic attacks heal for 40% of the damage dealtJump! - Makes all vikings invulnerable and able to pass over enemies for 1.5 secondsErik the Swift - Go Go Go! duration is increased by 100% on ErikTier 3, Level 7 Mercenary LordBaleog the Fierce - Baleog's Basic attacks increase his attack speed by 10%, stacking up to 5 times, after 3 seconds of not attacking these stacks will rapidly decay.It's a Sabotage! - Erik's basic attacks against structures destroy 5 ammo over 10 seconds.Spin to Win - Activate to have each viking deal 90 damage to nearby enemies (level 5)Tier 4, Heroic Abilities, Level 10 Longboat Raid, 80 Second Cooldown - The vikings hop into a slow moving longboat with 1040 health for 12 seconds. The longboat automatically fires at nearby enemies for 142 damage a second and can fire a long-range mortar that deals 190 damage in a large area. (Evaluted at level 8)Play again! 60 second cooldown - Summon and revive all lost vikings at target location after a viking channels for 2 secondsTier 5, Level 13 Hunka' Burning Olaf - Olaf deals 28 damage every second to nearby enemies (level 9)Impatience is a Virtue - Each enemy damaged by baleog's basic attacks reduces the cooldown of all viking abilities by .25 secondsHardheaded Redhead - Erik's melee basic attacks knock the target away, this effect has a 6 second cooldown.Speedrun! - While under 50% life vikings gain 15% increased movement speed.Tier 6, Level 16 Large and In Charge - When Olaf charges enemies they are stunned for 1 second64KB Marathon - Gain an additional 40% movement speed when activiatng Go Go Go! that decays over time 4 seconds, additionally the vikings are immune to all movement imparing effects for 1 second.Norse Force - Activate to have each viking gain a 320 to 760 health shield depending on how many vikings are alive, lasts 7 seconds.Tier 7, Level 20 The Sequel! - Increased the Vikings' death timer reduction from 25% to 50%.Fury of the StormRagnarok 'n' Roll - The longboat can attack two targets at once and the range of its mortar is increased by 100%Checkpoint Reached - Vikings are revived and summoned a second time 10 seconds later.Note: Each Viking can me micro'ed. First hero of its kind for Hots Announced Heroes. Skeleton King (Picture Link)Crusader (Picture Link)RexarThe Butcher (Picture Link)Sylvanis (Picture Link) New Map Named Sky Temple : YouTube Video (Link) New Map Concept Named Sanctuary (Picture Link) New Map Concept Named Lair of the Spider Queen (Picture Link) Ranked Draft Info: not allot of information other then it is coming soon-TM (Probably with the upcoming hero patch). (Pics of the picking processes Link) Edit: 11/07/14 Added some explanation to ability's for clarity. Also added Lost Viking's Edit: 11/07/14 Added info on New Maps, Announced Heroes, and Ranked Draft. Edit: 12/07/14 Added Pics for new heroes (Butcher,Crusader,Skeleton King), Added New map concept art.
  18. I am a Prophunt and TTT fanatic. Wold love to see some Madcast people playing it.
  19. Like Jobo said you can access your crafting and companion menu by pressing N. but other then that the gold border dictates a champion which is like a very large elite which generally take 2-3 people to kill it (or over gear the content which is a give in). I don't know what jugg spec you are playing but if i am ever online i have a 55 jugg who has done most of the content and can give you a crash course on the rotations, if you need it.
  20. Currently i have a 40 nova and most of his builds mainly become usable at 47+ (due to the passives at 47). but i can say i can see where is issues are. if you play movement/Melee build you can do some great sustained damage but the prob is that you are supper squish even with nova barrier. on the other side the ranged pulsar build has one of the best burst in the game but sustained dps is a little on the low end. When it comes to raids as far as i have seen only ranged nova's are running do the the squish in the Melee build. but all in all he is amazing his VFX's are beautiful and his voice acting is spot on.
  21. Like cake said. yes Thief is the top DPs but if they ever get looked at by a mob they will be downed. But also to answer your question allot of people also dislike ranger's due to the Bear/Bow. Which is a Build where rangers will come into Pve or WvW with just a long bow and a bear. which horrible build that bring 0 help or synergy to your group, for lack of a better way to say it kind of waste your time. With that aside rangers are amazing and since the last patch integral for every WvW zerg and party due to there single target burst and DPS is outrageous.
  22. As of right now you can only be in 1 Super Group per account. About 2 months ago i made a super group (Turbo Nerds is the name) for myself and InsertFail and over the course of the last 2 months i have invited any Madcast peeps that wanted in. If you would like a invite give me a yell in TS or in game and ill shoot you a invite until Madcast creates a Super Group of its own. I do play every day ranging from early to late so just hit me up on TS or friend me in game my account name is Nemmial and we can play. Always want more people to play with. Edit: Fixed spelling >.<
  23. Edit: Official patch notes are out they are bellow and servers are live.[official patch notes] I may be blind but I have not seen any forum posts about the update so I thought I would make a consolidated list of things we know. This patch will have a multitude of features. As of the 6th of October, we have downloaded the pre-patch. Blizzard will not be releasing the official patchnotes until the servers have been brought up for testing. The wonderful HotS community has datamined this set of patch notes. Do keep in mind that the patch notes below are /NOT OFFICIAL/ so read everything with a grain of salt.[unofficial patch notes] The two new heroes that are within the patch notes are Anub'arak and Azmodan.- Official Hero Page: Anub'arak | Hero Calculator- Official Hero Page: Azmodan (currently not available - will update when released) | Hero Calculator Another thing that was posted up as of the 7th of October is that custom games, observer modes and replays will be brought in with this patch. The main implication is that Blizzard is opening the floodgates for community-sponsored tournaments. Here's the link to the Blizzard blue post about these features. [link] I will update this as we get more information - keep in mind this is an ever-growing list as information is coming in daily. I would like to hear what you guys think! Edit: 10/7/2014 - official notes And servers are now LIVE!!!!!!