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  1. Mushroom Pesto Pizza Ingredients 1. X Amount of pesto 2. X Amount of Mushrooms(I used 12 oz.) 3. X Amount of Red Onion(I used 1/2 Onion) 4. 1 Tbsp butter(I used 2) 5. 2-3 Cups of grated cheese(I used a mixture of parmesan and muenster cheese because that's what I had. Any cheese is fine!) Pesto 1/2 - 3/4 cup parmesan cheese 1 cup of walnuts 1/4 - 1/2 cup of olive oil 1 cup of basil leavesJust blend them together and then add more of the ingredients to taste. I don't know exactly how much this will yield, but I know it's enough for the pizza. You can always buy pesto, but that's expensive!! Pizza Dough I used storebought pizza dough but I'm sure you can make your own if you look for a recipe online!! Searched one up for you!! Very easy to make. Bobby Flay's Pizza Dough Recipe Just make sure you let the dough sit out for a bit before starting, doesn't really have to be that long. 1. Slice the mushrooms thinly. 2. Slice/dice onions 3. Heat the butter up on a frying pan and when the butter is melted and spread around the pan put the onions and mushrooms in. Stir occasionally and wait until they are a golden brownish color(You can cook as much as you want really) 4. Lay the pizza dough out(It can be as thin/thick and any size in diameter that you want. I used a rectangular tray that was foot long and half a foot wide) 5. Spread the pesto evenly out on the pizza dough 6. Spread the cheese evenly over the pesto 7. Take your mushroom and onion mixture from the frying pan and put over the cheese. There will be a significant amount of juice after you finish frying the mushrooms and onions so you will probably want to separate the mushrooms/onions from the liquid first. 8. Preheat oven to 500 F 9. Bake for 10-15 minutes 10. Let cool for 30 seconds - 1 minute and then eat!!!!!!!!! Tip: Don't overdose on the pesto and cheese or else it will be too soggy and oily Idk if I did a good job of explaining so please ask me here or PM Me!!
  2. BUT FIRST LET ME TAKE A SELFIE btw Idk if anyone else noticed this but for the first second of when the selfies start popping up there's a video of Josh Peck rocking out at a concert or something. At least I think it's Josh Peck. Timestamp for Josh is like 0:37 - 0:38
  3. Omg this x1000 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Rage filled reply in spoiler Also if there's ever a forum function/tag you don't know how to use you could just quote someone else's post with that tag/function and see how he/she did it! For spoilers just put whatever between "spoiler" "/spoiler" but replace the quotations with brackets.
  4. Ham


    What time are you guys normally on? I'm usually on from 4-10 EST the whole week. Do you guys already have characters that can handle hardmode? I'm looking to 100% the game haha
  5. Ham


    I can't host a dedicated server, but I can host a server when anyone wants to play with me. It gets pretty lonely playing Terraria by myself. My current world is in hardmode and I'm getting ready to beat Plantera. If you're character isn't close to where mine is I can definitely catch you up to speed in terms of items and game knowledge!! I've already done a lot of building and stuff but I plan to build more. tl;dr looking to play terraria with people in a world that is in hardmode
  6. I loved Torchlight II but only want to play on Elite and soloing Elite got very hard. I also didn't want to play with random people online. Is there anyone here that would consistently play Torchlight II with me through completion on Elite difficulty? Just elite, hardcore is too much for me.
  7. Those theories are interesting! My reply will be in a spoiler. Probably asked before, but who is your favorite character? My favorite character is either Jon or Barristan.
  8. Pretty sure you're responding to OP but Demon King Daimao was good. Also if you don't mind watching anime movies this link could be useful.
  9. I dislike watching anime but love reading manga!! Still can't stand staying up to date with ongoing series though. Here's my list There's some old/lesser known stuff so you might wanna check it out. Also there might not be an anime for all of the things that you listed, sorry .
  10. Just finished reading the fifth book a week ago. I have no idea what do now... Look at spoiler for discussion of book. Take caution!! Does it annoy anyone that the series is actually called A Song of Ice and Fire but is widely known as Game of Thrones because of the show? I call it A Song of Ice and Fire because I started reading first and people don't know what I'm talking about at first :/ Edit(Contains 5th book spoilers!!!):
  11. The Korean dance group Waveya performed at an all boy Korean high school...the boys became absolutely hysterical. It didn't help that Waveya's routine consist of very sexual/seductive moves. I found it hilarious how they scream LOL.
  12. Idk if this would be the right section. My final project for my game programming class is to make a game, so I decided to make a 2D turn-based RPG. This game is for my class, but I was hoping to make it a long term project to work on, so that's where you guys, the community come in. I need your input on what kind of interesting, fun, unique game mechanics you would like to see in a turn-based RPG. tl;dr Please post game mechanics you would like to see in a 2D RPG. Thanks.
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