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  1. Gencon

    Yeah, I've been the past four or five years, and it's one of my favorite times of the whole year! The goal of getting in as many games that would be next to impossible to play the rest of the year is the goal usually, but still tons of rounds of familiar favorites in between. Love it!
  2. Magic The Gathering Arena

    I can vouch for this being an amazing way to play Magic. Nice client, cool graphics, easy to understand in comparison to the old outdated MTG:O client. Awesome for a newcomer like myself. Also, I have to give a huge shout out to both @MadCast: LTTelamon for teaching me the fundamentals of Magic over a dozen years ago, and another one to @MadCast: Disma who offered me a code to play in my first ever Sealed Event. I did him proud by maxing out with 7 wins! WOOT.
  3. Just bought the game!

    I play a couple of times a week, I'd be happy to hop in and play some games. See you in Discord!
  4. what is your favorite role for overwatch

    I enjoy DPS the most, but strangely don't have a strong preference between hitscan and projectile. I would honestly probably progress to a higher rank in competitive if I focused on one or the other. I tend to fill into Support if the team needs it, but won't go Mercy if I can avoid it, as I don't like relying on others to get picks. DPS: Pharah > Tracer > McCree > Soldier, and the new Hanzo with storm arrows of doom is amazing. Support: Zen, Lucio, Moira and Briggette Tank: Orisa is probably my best tank, and I get at least a little enjoyment out of Hog, DVa and Zarya.
  5. Realm Royale

    Downloaded this yesterday and had a ton of fun with some pals learning our way around. Got fourth place our second game, so not too bad so far.
  6. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Do you love Open World RPG's? The Elder Scrolls series, Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption, or maybe even Grand Theft Auto? Then do I have good news for you! Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a new IP in the genre and takes things in a historical direction by plopping you down in the village of Skalitz, Bohemia in the year 1403. It's a time of political turmoil and armies of the king's half-brother are invading Bohemia. The developers aimed to create a realistic portrayal of that time and place and allow you to play out some of the history yourself. Part of this is embracing the idea that you really are starting out as a young peasant and are terrible at everything you try to do, while trying to survive amidst the turmoil of medieval civil war and chaos. So far I have only played through the prologue (which took me about three hours or so) and loved the game enough to come recommend it here. Highlights were going into town to collect on a debt from the town drunk, then getting in a brawl with "me lads" and the village's other clique of dumb teenagers, which included flinging horse poo at them then punching them in the side of the head repeatedly. The aftermath of invasion was intense and really cemented the idea that I'm not starting off the game as "the chosen one" and sticking around to try to be a hero just means getting something pointy in your ribs.
  7. PUBG

    Here's a clip from last night. This is 3 man squad in First Person mode (although I watched and recorded the replay in third person, which partly explains why it takes me so long to start shooting here, I swear I couldn't see them yet!) There were two squads at the top of this ridge line starting to shoot at each other, so we took the opportunity to rush up the hill while they were distracted to try and take them out. The problem here is that while I advocated for flanking from the left, my two buddies wanted to try and get cover from the tree on the right. They got spotted before I got into position and both got killed as I started to peek over the hill. I still managed to take out the other squad and heal up, but the third squad who was further off was watching me with their sniper rifles and as I moved on toward the safety of the circle and attempted to get on a motorcycle conveniently left out for me, I was taken down instantly.
  8. Overwatch Fantasy League (Sign Up!)

    Now that we've all gotten a taste for who is good and who isn't through Stage 1 of the first season, do we have any other takers for trying this out? Currently have three of us signed up, which isn't quite enough to do a draft and try it out.
  9. Competitive Party Finder

    BattleTag: Sleepcoma#1665 Rank: 2003 Role(s): DPS/Support Top 3 heroes (For the above roles): Pharah, Tracer, Soldier/Zen,Moria,Lucio Availablity: Sun-Thurs 10:00-12:30 Strength(s): Sneaky flanking to pull a defense away from chokepoints, focusing down supports, spotting for the team Weakness(es): Staying in lost team fights trying to be a hero, holding on to DPS ults too long (Justice rains from Ab...arghhh!) Most important team quality: Moving as a group. Trickling in to the point only gives the enemy an ult advantage.
  10. Overwatch free weekend 2/16 - 2/19

    Also has the Lunar New Year event is going on, so there are limited time items to be found when you level up, or earn the 3 bonus boxes each week through Arcade play. For anyone hopping on for the first time, or in a long time, I highly recommend checking out the Arcade section for new and different game modes that rotate somewhat daily, and there are also custom games where you can find all kinds of crazy stuff. I play probably 3 nights a week, and while it baffles me how this game doesn't have a larger following around here, I also haven't put in the time to host an event or drum up support for it myself. I will give it a resounding recommendation to everyone though, COME PLAY!
  11. Who is good at PUBG?

    I got my very first Chicken Dinner last night, and pretty much have only played as a squad with some of my high school pals. My first big tip was to use tab to loot instead of picking up each item using F. Also, when you are lucky enough to get a good scope, you can use mouse wheel to zoom out if the view is too restrictive. Story time: We dropped at the warehouse outside Mylta Power, and were lucky enough that no one dropped in that area with us. We looted the power plant and surrounding structures, I grabbed a dune buggy and we ran in and stayed out of firefights. Two of us had suppressed M16's and three of us had sniper rifles, with the fourth toting a suppressed SMG. We played a pretty defensive game, moving from structure to structure and scanning for movement and checking out potential enemy lookout spots ahead of moving in. We got lucky in staying out of people's sights, but right as we closed in on the last three houses that were going to be safe on the map, a guy who had been silently waiting on a balcony took me and one of the my squadmates out before we could locate him. Our remaining two set up shop in a two story house and were fortunate enough to have the circle close in so that it was the final structure on the map and they took out the last two as they were forced from cover by the circle. Winning felt good, but the more I play the game the more I get the sense that the winning strategy is to not shoot unless you absolutely have to. It's less of an FPS game and more digital hide and seek, lol, which doesn't make it any less fun so far.
  12. Looking for Overwatch comp crew

    I'm still playing ~3 nights a week. I finally got around to doing my placements and I'm somewhat grouchy about my result. I went 7-3 this time around, but got placed at the bottom of gold, where last season I was bottom of plat. I felt like I was having awesome games, but I did often spend one round on Zen as support, and then the next round on Tracer or Pharah. Perhaps I was under performing without realizing it, but it could be that I spent too much time sneaking around the side which decreases those sweet sweet behind the scenes numbers over time. In any case. I'm sitting at 2000 and my best heroes are Pharah, Soldier, Tracer, and Zen. I tend to spend a ton of time in Mystery Heros and love to flex (maybe too much), so I'm also comfortable filling into most heroes based on need and opposing comp.
  13. Overwatch Fantasy League (Sign Up!)

    So, the first season of Overwatch League starts this week, and in order to properly enjoy a sport, everyone knows you need to manage a fantasy team so you have lots of reasons to root for various teams. Well, Winston's Lab has created a fantasy league tool and I think it'd be fun to test it out. I've created a league and it's ready for you to join! Here's the link Password: codeofconduct We can technically do a draft after the season has started, but if I can drum up the interest, we'll knock this out ASAP (maybe tomorrow night?) We'll play that by ear, but for now, GO SIGN UP!
  14. 2017 Fantasy Football Trash TAlk

    I knew I was screwed going into last night's game, as I was only up by a point on Scheffner and he had Matt Stafford left to play vs me with Stirling Shepard. I still have to admit I was confused when I went to check the box score and saw that Shepard had 0 receptions, but DID have 1 rushing attempt. Stupid Giants.
  15. Path of Fire Launch Day Fun - September 22

    I'll be here and I'm excited for PoF! I head out for a four day business trip on the 25th-28th which sucks, but at least I'll be around for launch.