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  1. Update: I will not be there. Unexpected influx of work I have to get done before Monday. But I hope you all have fun!
  2. To anyone trying to play, apparently they are having some launch issues, expected launch is about 4 hours from now :/ Keep an eye on for updates, I have to sleep now
  3. Update! Tree of Savior early access ($10 now, free in a month) starts at 2 AM EST tomorrow, March 29th. We will be playing on the Klaipeda server (also the name of one of the starter town options, I will be starting at this town). While I (sadly) won't be able to stay up all night playing, I will be logging in to reserve my family name at least and maybe play for an hour or so. I'll be on TS at release, so come say hi, exchange character names, or ask questions!
  4. Just to be thorough, the writing styles of the two accounts were the same as well, and that was the easiest thing he could have changed! lrn2troll, noob (Or maybe just, you know, don't?).
  5. MadCasters, I give you the Hydraulic Press Channel: Only a few videos so far, but the frequency seems to be ramping up, so definitely something to keep an eye on.
  6. Tree of Savior is a new free-to-play MMORPG by Hakkyu Kim, the creator of Ragnarok Online, with a team of developers from both Raganarok and Granado Espada (Sword of the New World). It was released in Korea in December and launches internationally on Steam ( on April 29th, with a paid early access period starting March 29th. Content Leveling up in Tree of Savior is done through quests (Main storyline, regular and repeatable) as well as grinding enemies and completing dungeons. There is a lot more questing than in Ragnarok Online, which is a welcome change. Traveling is done by foot, via warp statues in cities and dungeons (or player created statues that the Dievdirbys class can make), warp scrolls or a companion that certain classes can mount. The world map is huge, with over 180 zones, including towns, fields and dungeons. It’s gonna take awhile to explore this thing, and I like that. There are 40 dungeons in Tree of Savior. Most of these are field dungeons, which means they are not instanced, with the exception of the boss battles. These are where you will spend most of your time leveling up, and they’re pretty fun, containing both a large amount of mobs and some quest-like tasks to complete. There are also 5 player instanced dungeons at higher levels, but I don’t have experience with these. Here’s a video though, looks pretty fun! Tree of Savior has both arena team PvP and duels (no open world PK). A larger-scale PvP (something like guild vs. guild or War of Emperium in Ragnarok) is planned for the future. I didn’t try any PvP during my beta time, so I can’t make any specific comments about it, but if you’re curious here’s a video that gives an idea of what it’s like: Combat / Player Progression Combat in ToS is hack ‘n’ slash, with a choice of keyboard, mouse or controller. Depending on your class you will use melee attacks, ranged shots, and ground-targeted spells. Melee classes need to move into range to attack, and archers are able to move while shooting. Many of the support skills are AoE based, so it’s a constant battle between staying away from the boss and staying inside the happy place. No matter what class you choose, you will be doing a lot of running and jumping around while fighting unless you’re way over leveled. Makes for a pretty engaging combat system, in my opinion. There are two leveling types in this game, character level and class level. Character level is tied with stats and equipment requirements, while class level is tied to ranking up and changing classes. The class system is by far the coolest part about this game. There are over 80 classes to choose from. You start with one of four base classes (Swordsman, Wizard, Archer, Cleric) and when you get enough class level points, you can “rank up” and chose another class (within the same tree) or a second tier of your current class. If you choose a different class, you will gain access to a new set of skills on top of the ones from your previous class, but if you choose a second tier of your current class you will get a couple new skills and the ability to put more skill points into your current skills, powering them up (you can only choose the same class three times, however). There are currently 8 ranks, so you will be able to choose a new class (or new tier of a current class) 6 times. This is all a little confusing, I know, so I highly suggest you take a look at the skill builder here: which will make a lot more sense than me describing it, I promise. There are a lot of REALLY cool and unique skills in this game. Here’s a sampling of some of the most interesting ones, in my opinion: [Class – Skill: Description] Oracle – Clairvoyance: Predict and show which item the monster will drop in advance. Oracle – Resetting: Change the item dropped from an enemy to a different item. Pyromancer – Fireball: Summon a fireball. Fireball can be moved around the battlefield by you or party members by attacking it. Sapper – Collar Bomb: Attach a bomb to an enemy. The enemy explodes when it comes in contact with other enemies. Chronomancer – Reincarnate: Let a monster appear at the same location where it was defeated. Dievdirbys – Statue of Goddess Ausrine: Carve a statue of Ausrine. Those in your party who circle around the Goddess Statue counter-clockwise become immune to damage temporarily. Linker – Physical Link: Link party members to divide damage taken. Linker – Joint Penalty: Link enemies, so that they share damage taken. Thaumaturge – Swell Brain: Enlarge the size of you and your party members' heads to increase INT. Cryomancer – Snow Rolling: Ride on an enormous snowball and crush any enemies in your way. Okay, I just have to show you some videos of the last two: As far as customization goes, when you create your character you choose your gender and hairstyle, and there are in-game opportunities to change your eye and hair color. Each new class will give you a new outfit, which you can swap at will among those you have already collected, and there are also accessories such as hats to customize your character further (Some cash-shop only). (Side note: Look at the female Corsair outfit below, isn’t it adorable?) Crafting Admittedly, crafting is not huge in this game in the same way as a lot of other MMO’s. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here about the system as it’s pretty basic (find/buy recipe, find/buy ingredients, craft the thing!), but a couple of interesting points are that there are certain items, such as spell scrolls and special potions and arrows, that only specific classes can craft. Also, after you craft an item, you can add a custom name and description, which makes for some creativity and laughs (As a note, items can be bought/sold via an auction house in addition to individual player-run shops). Graphics Okay, this game is GORGEOUS. It has colorful, hand-drawn graphics reminiscent of Bastion or Legend of Mana. I mean, seriously, just look: Music Last but not least, this game has awesome background music. There are 140 tracks, spanning from fast-paced EDM to relaxing piano pieces. Here are a few of my favorites: Dawn to Dusk Bear's Mountain Tree of Savior Conclusion That’s all! If you’re hungry for more info, I’d recommend checking out,, or Personally, I have purchased a Founder’s pack ($10 min) and will be starting to play on the 29th of March, but the game will be free for everyone on April 29th. We will be playing on the Klaipeda server. As far as guilds go, only the Templar class can create them. It will be a while before I am that high level, but I do plan on creating a guild for us as soon as I can. Hope to see you in game!
  7. We played with this deck last night and it was pretty fun! Needs more cards though. Everyone submit your suggestions!
  8. Thank you so much for hosting this Khaos! And for everyone else for helping me learn the game. Was a ton of fun. Hope to play again!
  9. Bought and played it last night. Absolutely loved it, but I will agree that it's stressful! It's a fun stress though, somehow.
  10. 1. You will never get better if you don't play (or are preoccupied while you play) because you're worried about bringing down the group. Everybody has to start somewhere. 2. Even if someone were to never improve, one of the best things about MadCast is our focus on community and friendship rather than player skill. We admit members based on how well they fit with the community, not how great of a gamer they are. No one will ever fault you for not being the best because that's not what we're about. And frankly, anyone who would does not deserve to be here.
  11. Happy Birthday!! Hope it includes alcohol and cake!
  12. I will chime in as a person who does not play mobas but likes HotS. No, it doesn't make sense. But it's fun