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  1. Is anyone currently following this game or plan to play it once it launches?
  2. What server? I am playing on 309 and have a massive base. Could use more people as war is breaking out.
  3. Do they give you codes or are you locked into amazons drm?
  4. You should also pick better names for your threads.
  5. 2 classes that were leveled from the free expansion 90 were hunters and warlocks. Each player gets 1 character they Heroic Raid with so these characters will not be in the raid. Julian got me to app at conquest and they accepted me an a social gamer as I did not have my legendary cloak and my ilvl was 535 for tanking and I had no dps gear. I ran LFR's and Flex by myself and on Sundays I would run 10 man normal with the guild. The second week they reset the Heroic Raid and I was brought in for the first 6 bosses. This gave me half a suit of dps gear as most of it was going to be disenchanted. I sat out the next week as they did not reset the raid. Currently we reset the raid every other week, First week is for clearing and gearing people up, Second week is for progression. The week I sat out I cleared ran LFR's and Flex myself and then did 10m normal with the guild. I also watched their first kill videos and some videos explaining the heroic fights. Only had issues with 1 boss fight after that and I posted on their forums asking for help. Got about 8 replies and have not died to the boss. After this I have been brought in for all raids. If you want to raid these are the steps you need to take. 1. Know the heroic fights, if you die you are no dps and at that point we are carrying you at a level we would expect to carry a pug player. If you die to fight mechanics you will probably be benched. 2. Run all other raids that you can get upgraded gear from and make sure you are progressing as much as you can on the legendary quest. 3. Show up to the gear up raids that are held on Sundays. Make sure you ask before queuing for LFR's and Flex. If you ask you will find others want to run them. I have been asking and have almost never queued solo on my free lvl 90 hunter. If you see something like what you saw before, make sure to hear the rest of the convo before freaking out. I will note this, If you were in the SWTOR guild, if you apply for Conquest, your raid attendance for SWTOR will be talked about on your app.
  6. I was planning on picking it up for the dark aeons but they are limiting it to a PS3 release. I don't see why they remastered FFX part 2.
  7. Hyper transport 3.0 supports PCI express 2.0 full bandwidth. 680 loses about 2% performance on PCI express 2.0. News shows that 750Ti (first maxwell part, not sure why it is not 850) is expose to release in Feb. Probably going to pick up a 860 unless the release date is pushed back. Want to go with Nvidia because of shadowplay and poor video card drivers and has been releasing for 4 years.
  8. I was planning on building a new pc this year but most the the new tech I wanted to upgrade to got delayed. I am thinking about buying a new video card to hold me over until I do a new build in 2015. Waiting until 2015 because that is when Camelot unchained and star citizen comes out. This is my current build. Asus crosshair 4 formula(890fx chipset) 1055T thuban 2.8ghz with self over clocking at 3.2ghz 5770 video card 32 gigs ddr3 ran 1600mhz @ 8-8-8-24 Rage bought the ram after ps2 kept crashing with 4 gigs of ram. Currently I am thinking the chipset will bottleneck the video card. Not sure if I should buy something slower than the GTX 760.
  9. You can pick up all 3 bioshock's here for $15. You can pick up Arkham Origins here for $20. According to reviews, all game codes can be added to your steam library.
  10. I am making 1 thread where we can keep all the posts together about awesome game sales. First one I found can be bought from best buy or amazon. $30 for all Elder Scroll games with expansions. Here is a review of what is inside the box on amazon.
  11. I have never bought off this site before. One of the websites I use to monitor sales shows the premium for 37.50. Has anyone bought off Greenman Gaming?
  12. Did you print the data back into a picture to view? I am interested to see what happens to the picture when you use both methods. Seems like the best way going into something like that would be giving the computer the best data possible.
  13. What is your budget? Have a brand you want?
  14. Anyone planning on buying anything on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I am interested to see what the humble bundle does. Its weekly sale should refresh on Thanksgiving. Interesting to see if they will match steam or beat them out on prices. Anyone planning on upgrading their computer/components? I will be looking for a new keyboard and mouse. Would pick up a blackwidow but reviews claim you have to sign into their servers to load your profiles for games. Any games you guys want to go on sale?
  15. What do you try to do to determine their emotion. Eyebrows, eyes, lips? Scan the pixels and look for something that has a redish pink hue then try and find out if it curves up or down? How do you make it learn after compiling a massive amount of data? Can you post your algorithm?