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  1. I've been trying for days now to advance purchase BF4 but the origin store constantly gives me a page error no matter what browser I use... Anyone know anywhere else good for advance purchasing for download??
  2. mossboy13 if my account isnt still hijacked... it let me log in so I'm assuming it's still active.
  3. I DID talk to them. Their solution was to just have me start over and keep my hacked account hacked. I can access my account, I just can't change my password or answer my security questions... On the 1-10 scale I give Origin a negative 5000.
  4. I spent a good part of the day trying to situate this and I'm officially giving up. EA's solution is to just buy a new copy of the game and start over or just try to create a new account and forfeit the old one as well as all my stats. (which keeps it hacked and fully usable by the hacker). All of my security questions and answers have been changed to some unreadable language and it won't let me even consider changing my passwords unless I can get through that first phase of security, which I cannot. Any other ideas are fully welcomed. Sorry if my hacker offends anyone... I can't even change my user ID to remove the MC tag.
  5. Yeah... This is not me. I got hacked. I haven't logged into Origin since March... I'm trying to take the steps now to change my password but there seems to be some security concerns that I can't get around. It made my security question become some weird form of Russian. I need to answer that question to change my password...
  6. Mossboy


    Mamiyaflex TLR, Mamiya645, Pola Land 250, Hasselblad 500cm, Canon 60D, Mamiya 1000s, Mamiya Super, Graflex 4x5, Pentax K1000, Canon AE-1. I have a lot more but those are my main workhorses...
  7. Mossboy


    Honestly, and i fully recognize that this is entirely my personal opinion.... DSLR's, unless you are using them for video work, take 98% of all the fun out of photography. I have a nice one that I only ever use for video. Film makes all the difference to me. There is a true satisfaction that can only occur with the process of loading a camera, exposing your subject, framing it right, setting your aperature and shutter speed, snapping it, dev'ing it, and then actually being able to hold a finished product in your hand. When I am on a shoot, i take one roll of medium format film with me. 12 shots. That's it. I don't press the shutter unless I'm positive I want that shot. When I shot digital I would come home with about 2000 images on an SD card and then had to comb through all of them to find 8 that I liked. It eats hard drive space and its kinda lame shooting 500 variations of the same thing. Stick with film. Actually LEARN how to use a camera instead of putting it on auto mode and having the camera do all the thinking for you. People rarely learn how to be photographers with DSLRs. There is a whole art form to learning film. To me there is a very big difference between a picture and a photograph.
  8. Mossboy


    Sadly, that's the truth. Yeah. I do photography for a living. All film. Develop it in my bathroom and scan it using a negative scanner. It'd probably be in your (and my) best interest to not post a link to my stuff... PM me if you want to see it.
  9. It's interesting that Bait's auto-draft team has the highest score out of all of us this week....
  10. I love Magic Hugs. Everything they do is friggin' gold!
  11. Team Daddy Pants reporting for duty!! I'm in. I'm putting all my money on Tebow.
  12. Mossboy


    I live in Nashville, and having lived in MA, and in Chicago for 8 years, I can honestly say TN is the greatest state I've ever lived in. The Knoxville area is a bit of an armpit, and Memphis is a bit weird, but Nashville is the perfect mix of cool and beauty and affordability. Property tax don't seem insane (I rent, but have tons of friends who own homes and never hear them complain). Sales tax is under 10% and there is no state tax, so nothing state related gets taken out of your paycheck. That part kinda rules. I make a decent living and still always get a refund at tax season. I actually lived in Montreal for a year and decided to move back to Nashville because I missed it so much. Its warm year round, rarely gets snow (if it does, its gone in a week) and is generally pretty chill. If you want to come visit, let me know and I can put you and the GF up in my place.