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  1. Which Ultimates Can Genji Deflect?

    Haven't got the chance to deflect Hanzo yet but def have for McRee and Zarya
  2. MadCast Rocket League Extravaganza 1-16-2016

    *Sneaks in from the void* I'll try to be there but I work nights starting 9 PM CST so we shall see who I can manage to lose to in that time lol.
  3. Happy Birthday Jobotoo

    Happy Birthday!
  4. So that new champion....

    Omg that would be crazy. Might be able to pull from outer tower to inhib turret.
  5. WildStar?

    Rife, what you just described sounds a lot like the current version of WoW. Man I love Wildstar. I had to stop for a bit because I felt I was playing too much and it was unhealthy. Now that I'm busier I might come back to it to see if I can continue to enjoy it with the time I do have.
  6. Happy Birthday Maday!

    I tried to catch you on Skype but idk if you got it. HAPPY BELATED B-DAY MADAY!
  7. Is WoW currently worth the subscription?

    I have been playing strictly casually this time around instead of my usual hard core grind to max and raid hard style. To be perfectly 100% honest, I haven't got this much into the narrative of an MMO since Vanilla and early BC. This is probably because MMOs tend to have less fleshed out narrative than most other genres but I have played every expack to date and WoD is turning out to be nearly on par with BC(My fav) for me. I have yet to get into any of the raids to see how they match up with the like of Karazhan or Ulduar but I'm excited to play an MMO for the first time in years. As far as being worth it. Assuming you limit yourself to 1 game every 2 months you can look at it like this. WoW is $50+$15/mo, and the average AA or AAA PC tittle is $40-$70(Lets assume $55). Assuming you continue playing WoW for 4 months the math comes out in your favor. 1 PCTittle/2mo (55*2) = $110 (This only gets worse if you buy a game but move on) WoW cost/sub (50+(15*3)) = $95 (first month is free with purchase)
  8. Another Tabletop Option

    I went rogue? NICE PREPARE YOUR FACES!!!
  9. Another Tabletop Option

    I LIVE!!!! Sorry I missed the last 2. Work OP I'm gonna try to get to more of these. BEEP BOOP
  10. I play loads of Strife. Is that stuff still available?
  11. Amusing LOL article

    I think he picked Teemo knowing that it would gather attention. He was in contact with a current player and the stigma is well enough know. Good article though. I'd like to see his take on the community now that hes played a few games.
  12. Happy Birthday Red Justice!

    Oh, happy birthday!
  13. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    I'd hold off but I couldn't stop looking at all the stuff in it... GAH
  14. Cheap Computer Hardware (Video card/ Power supply)

    Can I ask if you contacted the company/distributor before making this decision? I've been asked to return things like this in the past...
  15. Nooooooooo! It happened! :(

    Totally understand