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    Anime, video games,my little pony,madness
  1. Cicero Roberson Ranger i have been practicing for this for the past 4 weeks. lets doo this!!!!
  2. Cicero

    Intro: Cicero

    I would like to change my forum name to Cicero if i can please
  3. All animes i have seen you have too. but i am going to watch some from your list. i love anime and my friends hate it so im always a little out of the loop on what i should watch next. so i would love suggestions
  4. Cicero

    One fact

    Hi im called the Kishin by my friends because im so random and crazy. im never the same from day to day. my name is Josh though and i love to play guild wars most of the time. my favorite thing to do though is picture hunt on the internet (i remember things through pictures so thats my passion) i have a folder of about 6000 pictures on my computer right now. im always nice to new ppl and if you ever wanna run with me in guild wars just let me know
  5. I hve a very bad problem with my mind going everywhere at once.. i have played all of the classes at one time or another but cant find one to stick with.. help me please!!
  6. I love the Game of Thrones. I like the Tyrion Lannister and all his smart assness. the there are the rest of the Lannisters which you love to hate, and you know are going to die twords the end of the shows for a sweet release.
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    I guess i would like to apply for full membership if you guys dont mind.
  8. i would love to WvW with you im avalible weekends all night and day and weekdays after 4:00 pacific time
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    i dont like dark chocolate. milk chocolate is ok
  10. Cicero

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    yes i have but i feel like it might bee to soon. i dont want to dissapoint ppl
  11. Cicero

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    i dont have a fav really i love alot of them
  12. Hey im Cicero i got invited to Madcast by Kit. After talking on TS3 and pvp with a few people i found that you guys are awsome and would love to stay. now for a little bit about myself, i am an anime gaming bronie computer nerd. I am 18 and still in highschool so im on most weekends and almost everyday after school. i like to have fun, Roleplay, and generaly goof off.