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  1. This is probably the greatest thing since 5NOWFLAKE himself.
  2. "Seems like we always have to be prepared for something up here on the surface." Tenebris says, his calm voice not relaying his ever increasing wondering if coming to the surface was the right thing. But what was done, was done and if they were going to be attacked, he would be at the ready. Faolan seemed to have made up his mind about an attack, and Tenebris was not one to dismiss Faolan's instincts. As he stands at the ready, Of-sea-and-flames appears to move up beside him and do the same, her eyes searching about. (OOC: Seems like we all got a little busy around the same time. So strangers in red... our group seems like it draws trouble toward it.)
  3. Heroes of the Storm - Inhouse @ 8pm EST /w MadCast: Scooba & MadCast: Stan
  4. No Tabletop tonight. Next Tabletop Gaming Saturdays (10-3) @ 10pm EST! See you all then.
  5. Tenebris looks up and then approaches Faolan. "It speaks to me, Faolan." He points towards the direction the Matron had before. "Calls me cousin, wants us to sacrifice the Sahuagin to it. But it is hesitated when it spoke, as if it were afraid, as if there were something for it to fear." Tenebris looks at Of-sea-and-flames, then back to Faolan again. "They fear it and we cannot just let it take them." He then goes silent and contemplates the words of the creature, it had called him cousin. As if there were similar, as if they somehow of the same in a way. He opens his eyes and stares at the ground, wondering.
  6. MadCast Town Hall @ 8:00pm
  7. FM Orientation @ 8:30pm
  8. We will be doing Tabletop Gaming Saturdays tonight! (9-19) @ 10pm EST. 2 1/2 hours from now. Not sure what we will be starting with yet but it will be decided before then! Hope to see you all there!
  9. @8pm EST /w MadCast: MasterWonton + MadCast: Shadow
  10. @ 9pm /w Fenris + LTTelamon
  11. Tenebris watches his friends interacting with the Sahuagin, none of them seeming in immediate danger and wanting to keep things peaceful. He takes the cup from the tall Maiden, intrigued by both it's contents and the Maiden herself. Keeping his eyes on her he takes a sip of the dark liquid, and immediately feels his head swim. There is a sound that seems to swim into his ears, a serene sort of song that fills his head and his sight becomes both clearer and more colorful all at the same time. Everything seems brighter and he stares at the Maiden in front of him that seems to merely watch him with a bit of curiosity. He looks up into the sky for a moment and sees the stars seeming to change in color sporadically.
  12. He's more like the first picture. (The second picture was just the best example I could find, and is actually a pretty poor image of what I imagine him to look like now.) Except his actual physical form has shifted toward a more humanoid appearance, guided by the fact that he is a Salamander "Immolator", and not just a regular Salamander. What I sent to Khaos in PM asking if he felt it was alright:
  13. (OOC: I agree on Faolan's bond with Tenebris being resolved. Also going to assume, unless otherwise stated by Khaos or VoShay that they are friends after being together on a long campaign.) Tenebris looks toward Faolan: "Thank you for saving my life, yet again, friend. The fates still do not approve of my choice to leave my home even now, to venture - test - into the world above. It is a good thing I do not leave my living or dying up to fate." (OOC: End of session below.) Bonds: Tansy has felt the hellish touch of fire, now they know my strength. (Not resolved) I will teach Faolan the true meaning of sacrifice. (Not resolved) I cast something into the fire for Vyoletta and still owe them their due. (Not resolved) Alignment: Neutral - Exchange a sacrifice, freely given, for a service rendered. (Not fulfilled) XP 5 (previous adventures) + 2 (fails) + 2 (questions) - 8 = Level 2, 1XP remaining. Level: +1 Stat: Wisdom Advanced Move: (editing it in, once I decide but wanted to get this mostly done before eating)
  14. The fires from within him roar to life, and he can feel them coming to his aid. Hardening beneath his skin the magma becomes tough like stone and though it does not cover all of the crocodile's large mouth of teeth, it does stop the left half of the crocodile's jaw from clenching down hard and keep the left rows of teeth from digging into his flesh. TenebrisTorris rolls roll 1d4 = 2 #Fighting Fire with Fire. (Choosing to take half damage, instead of +result forward, or add +result to Burning Brand charges.) Tenebris grabs onto the crocodile's mouth now that he can see it clearly and lets out a sharp sound, that sounds like the flames from a fire roaring away at an open fire as they jump into the sky, crackling into the air. A puff of smoke and steam can be seen as he is being dragged under the water again. (OOC: Damage is reduced from 4+3, to 2+3 for a total of 5 hp lost.)