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    Hip hop dancing and Video games :D

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  1. I'm gonna be at the beach for a week! (June 1-7). I'm gonna miss you guys <3
  2. Hey guys, I'm here to reapply for Full Membership. With finals over and most of that stuff done, I'll be able to be much more active than that first month! Send me an invite if you wanna play! IGN: Umopapisdnwi
  3. My guilty pleasure is watching wedding proposals... they make me so happy XD
  4. umopapisdnwi

    One fact

    the name is "imupsidedown" just... ya know... upside-down
  5. I was waiting for a dubstep drop... I was slightly disappointed.
  6. umopapisdnwi

    One fact

    Oh hey! I'll join in. I'm umopapisdnwi (read it upside-down to understand the name ) and i'm new here as well! My interesting fact: I'm red/green colorblind! completely! Red and green appear as gray!
  7. I can't stop laughing... 1:38 XD
  8. I scrolled past all comments except the first to avoid spoilers, but i JUST started last weekend. I'm on S2E2 and I'm addicted. Someone just sent my a google.doc with every episode to season 2,3,and 4 if anyone is interested!
  9. I love the idea of Unbreakable! I wonder if its like Windwall (from Yasuo) just its absorbed?
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Zachary, or Zach for short, and I've been playing League of Legends for 2-3 years now. I'm 17 years old and currently am a senior in high school. I have been in a couple of communities before, but I haven't found one that feels right. I found this community on the League of Legends recruitment forums and I cannot wait to play with you guys. I'm in Gold 5 and I love playing with all kinds of skill ranges! I'm interested in becoming a Full Member! My ingame name is Umopapisdnwi (there is a hidden meaning to it) and I'd love to be part of what seems to be an awesome group of people!