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  1. welcome woot woot pizza
  2. Its all about those theifs with them mohawks...amirite
  3. I agree to the term and thank you for the welcome party.
  4. Hey im sure people have figured out that I have more gold then I need and i tend to donate it or just buy stuff for guildies. If you are wanting to learn the trading post pm me here or in game quickshot.1806. I wont give you all my secrets but I will start you on a whole different perspective of the game and having enough gold to be comfortable. P.S. COME WVW WITH ME ITS AN AMAZING PART OF THE GAME. EVEN IF WE LOSE BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ANY FORCE ON SOR ANYMORE. STILL FUN TO RUN UP AGAINST A GROUP TWICE YOUR SIZE AND KILL THEM...AND OF COURSE THE DANCING ON THE BODIES AFTERWARDS.
  5. I give up on her i got my achievement through other things and im done with her lol
  6. All you got to do is SHOUT and well you shouldn't die because your a guardian and they are OP. Guardian is one of my mains so if anyone is having trouble with their guardians feel free to Pm here or find me in game Quickshot.1806
  7. Congratz Ana all i have to say is goodluck with Mentor. Shes alright
  8. Hey guys if you can post on when the best time ( day and hour) for you to do wvw is I will try to figure out a time to try and schedule an event. The event will probably only last an hour. It will start with that basics of running around as a group and capping towers and camps at the same time as I explain it.
  9. Hey MCG, Just trying to figure out what people think about WvW. Let me know what you think. If you have question I can answer on here or in game (Quickshot.1806) I am able to help you with your build and gear if need be. Josh
  10. well there was supposed to be a picture but it was to big to load. it was here dying with suriel and 0 health