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  1. Overwatch Fantasy League (Sign Up!)

    Im in
  2. "Settled Science"

    According to the scientist in this TED talk, video games support increased capability in learning, focus, and multi-tasking! Henceforth, anyone that tells you video games are bad for you will be dubbed a "Video Game Denier". Pass it on!
  3. MadCast League Season II

    Player Name: Feisort Level: 30 Rank: Silver II Preferred Roles: Support, Jungle, Mid - in that order I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  4. Find Your Ranked Duo

    League of Legends Name: FeisortRank: Silver IITop Two Positions: Support/AFKPlay Style (Be descriptive! How do you like to play?): As the leaves turn, and our palates desire a more full-bodied elo-climbing taste, I turn to robust certainty that only a glass of Cabernet, accompanied by a ardent-censor-rushed Janna can provide. Shielding my adc from damage, and me from my insecurities, Janna is just the comfort we all need as the nights turn cold. However, from time to time when the passivity of the oaken reds will no longer suffice, I turn to Gin. Consuming Gin whilst listening to the death chimes of Bard, envelops me in unbridled aggression. The souls of the fermented juniper berries whisper, urging me to roam in search of violence. I will shroud you in gold, and then it will be too late......Favorite Champions: Cabernet: Janna, Nami, Soraka / Gin: Bard, Bard, Bard Shoot me an ingame message to check in on me and my liver.
  5. Cool video for returning D3 players

    Hey gang, Just wanted to share the video which cleared up A LOT of things for returning players like myself. As a whole, I've watched this Wolfcryer channel for the last week, and it's quality content, especially if youre a Monk. Enjoy the new season! Feisort
  6. MadCast Promotes: Feisort

    Thanks! However, my hammer isnt working....
  7. RFM Application: Feisort

    Feisort would be good for the community.
  8. Raid Sign-Up Sheet 12-14-2016

    Chillycrit / DPS / Magery / 864
  9. RFM Application: Feisort

    I'd like to officially apply for RFM pertaining to Warcraft. I've played Warcraft since Vanilla, and have been with Madcast for over 5 years. With the recent (and predictable) movement away from the game, due to waning excitement after launch, I feel the guild/community could use another RFM who has a consistent online presence. I have held officer roles before in WoW, and was an RFM for Wildstar. For transparency sake, let me outline what I feel what I could bring, and what I will need help with from the other RFMs: Feisort is good at: Organizing events, Game Knowledge, Mentoring new community members through inclusive action, and Raid Leadership. Feisort needs help with: Recruiting. I recruit for a living, I'm really not in the mood to do it in my gaming life But if I can have help getting them in the door, I can certainly be a strong retention tool. I know most of the staff, so I'm pretty sure I'm a known entity at this point. If you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up in TS. For the Horde! Feisort.
  10. Raid Sign-Up Sheet 12-07-2016

    Chillycrit/ Fire Mage / DPS / 861 or Poughkeepsie / Mistweaver Monk / Healer / 854 (if needed)
  11. Raid Sign-Up Sheet 11-30-2016

    Chillycrit/Fire Mage/DPS/861 if we need heals: Poughkeepsie/Mistweaver Monk/Healer/847
  12. Raid Signup Sheet

    DPS/ Chillycrit / Fire Mage / 861 / November 16 If we are doing normal EN and need heals: Healer / Poughkeepsie / Mistweaver Monk / 845 / November 16
  13. Introduction- Azraghon

    Welcome, buddy!
  14. Raid Signup Sheet

    DPS / Chillycrit / Fire Magery / 850 / 10-26-16
  15. Raid Signup Sheet

    DPS/Chillycrit/Fire Mage/848 10/19/2016