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    Online? MMO's, traditionally WoW.. D3 occasionally and Fps of all types. RL? I enjoy playing Chess, I have a Blackbelt in Taekwondo which is my fav activity. I like to work out and enjoy an active outdoor life.

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    Out of HS, joined the Marines. Since I've been out I did a little college and then joined the field of international security professionals.
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  1. Hey guys just wanted to update... I am leaving my overseas job here in about 5 days, and then I will be having some vacation but sometime around September I should be hitting the GW2... Just wanted to say hi and still looking forward to playing with you folks I was on vacation though, and tried to hook up with some from the D3 crew but was told since I was in the guild yet I had to wait... I WAS SO SAD lol... it's all gravy though... soon enough Ttyl !
  2. Given all the new equipment, is this ring still as desirable as before?
  3. AkTHEIST#1430 Got my Barb up to 70 and a few paragon levels over the past couple days. Would be cool to run with a few people though
  4. Hi guys, I'm on vacation and I'm updating D3 on my laptop... it's a bit old but I think it will still run it... So who do I add
  5. Thanks everyone! I def see your point Peste... I bought an Asus in 2008 and it was a big larger than most carrying cases.. I suppose I never thought about it.. and yes it did have trouble with heating.. I think the main appeal to desktop is the upgrade... lots to consider!
  6. So I want to buy a new laptop that is designed for gaming... I COULD say that my budget on this is indefinite but... I need to be responsible... so preferably under 1200 or right around there would be best. I want it to play EVERYTHING ON MAX RAWR!! Or... should I just build a desktop? The desktop lasts longer right? Due to being able to update parts? What do you guys think? Thanks
  7. Well I gamed pretty much the whole time I was in the Marines, so there was that... since I've been out I continued my passion which is Taekwondo and that's easily my favorite thing to do in the world. I like hiking, and while I lived in Denver started climbing 14ners... I've done 5 so far I think... have another one next Saturday... I am a military contractor so I actually work in Afghanistan right now and cannot game all! I hate dis aspect of my work... umm other than that, I've recently started working on learning to play Chess and when I move to Cali later this year I want to join a Chess club... so Chess, hiking and working out, and Tkd
  8. Awesome! I am enjoying the show, but I think I need to read the books again!
  9. Sooon! You know how it is when you 1st start a game, well that's gunna be mee!
  10. So I am very very intested in WvW... and I wanted to ask how involved is our server? How is the population when it comes to the PvP? Obviously I won't need to worry so much about pve, because of the guild, but what about the world bosses? How many people are required to down 1, and does our server turn out for that? I did see our ranking on the overall list, but I've read that sometimes that can be a bit deceiving.
  11. Even though I won't get to play for a while, I went ahead and bought my account right now also... they are doing 50% off again !
  12. So since it's like... idk 5 months before I even get to make a toon... I would still like to learn more about the game. So! What exactly do Gmissions entail? I have seen the bounty discussions and that is pretty self explanatory... but missions in general? What do dis mean!?
  13. Tribute

    Epic Weapon

    I have to say that I love GW2 system of self farm legendaries... but OH MAH GAWD! It seriously has to take a year....
  14. Tribute


    Well I work in a pair, and the other guy that I stand post with... he plays chess so we started playing a lot and then I did a little reading... it really started to blow my mind about the depth in it. Whenever you want, just give me a shout