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  1. I'll try to xfer a character to Dark Iron..... but I'm broke for a bit, so it may not be until after Legion launches.
  2. Rife messaged me on Said you guys were putting something together for WoW. I've been playing a bit again because it's something I can jump in, do something, and then log out. Life is crazy... my new baby boy was born just a week ago and we'r'e going full steam ahead towards our wedding. I don't know that I can say how much I'll be around just yet.... Though I hope this winter after the wedding my free time will expand... But I miss everyone here and I'd be interested at a chance to hang with some of you in a game again.
  3. Palm is good... but requires expert timing. Competitively it requires near perfection to pull off or enemy teams just ignore the palmed player for a second and it goes to waste. Strike provides good damage, zoning, and an immunity (granted it's only for you, but you're a front line support so you're often targeted early). While it also requires some smart usage, I personally feel it's the superior pick most of the time simply because it's margin of error on use is vastly less punishing. If your timing is amazing and the enemy team is all about dumping damage on a single player to turn numbers in their favor... go with palm, you can single handed determine the out come of a team fight with it. I argue that most other situations will result in Strike being an as good or superior pick, though.
  4. I have it pre-ordered for xbone so I can play with my buddy in NOLA
  5. Tomorrow is the new season! If anyone sees me on or wants my battletag it's over to the left! Feel free to invite me to a group
  6. I've seen it 3 times now. And seriously, it's so good. Everything seems so deliberate. It's nice to see a story unfolding with purpose and not haphazardness. Each character has a wealth of history to explore as well as interesting arcs extending into the future to develop. The acting is amazing, the set design perfect, the editing actually good and not bullshit clock wipes all over. Even after 3 times seeing it... I get teary eyed. Not because any moment is especially sad. But because I watch this and thing "Thank God... my Star Wars is back."
  7. I am also stoked. Season 4 kinda brought me back in. I like the Season stuff. I like having a check list of things to do and not just grind grind grind. I'll probably be on a bit during the season.
  8. It was amazing. I have minor gripes, but seriously they're minor. And honestly I have minor gripes with the original trilogy, too... so I don't expect perfection. But this is GOOD. Very good. I agree with your assessment of Boyega, I do think acting wise he stole the film. But ultimately I have to give props to the whole new cast who just knocked their roles out of the park. The fact that they stood next to some legends and held their own, even STEALING the screen at times is a real testament to their ability. I love that this made me want to know more about the new characters, not just pine for the good old days. I am legitimately giddy about being a Star Wars fan again. I'm going to make my predictions here for all the world to see since I made predictions about this film that all came true, but I didn't have them written down anywhere to be like "HA! I TOLD YOU SO!" 1) Rey and Finn are distantly related. Finn being Han's grand child from a previous marriage. 2) Rey is Ben's slightly younger sister, hidden on Jakku to protect her from her brother when he turned to the Dark Side. 3) Rey will end up romantically involved with Poe 4) Ben will be redeemed in Episode IX to save his sister from Snoke. 5) By the end of Episode IX the New Jedi Order will be established.
  9. eh... it is my opinion that any MMO that attempts to pull off Photo Realism will fail.
  10. So we all know it's the holidays and things get hectic.... well things got a whole lot crazier for me and has been a large contributor to my absence the last week or so. You see I've been planning on proposing to my awesome girlfriend for a few weeks now. We planned to go out of town to visit friends on an annual trip we do to SC and my intent was to pop the question that weekend. Well it turns out she had some news for me just before we left.... Not only did I ask her to marry me that weekend (to which she said yes!) but a few days prior to leaving she informed me we're also having a baby next summer! We're both pretty excited, though obviously this means a lot of changes and things that need to happen in the coming months. So if you ever wonder why you may not see me for days or weeks at a time... it's probably because I'm dealing with planning a wedding and a pregnant fiancee' hahaha. I'll still be around, though. No real LOA for me or anything. Just busy busy busy. anyways, just wanted to share with my MadCast family the great news about getting to be a husband and a daddy next year!
  11. Happy belated my friend! Sorry I missed it, it's been a crazy week!
  12. I really like the added strategy of this over hearthstone. I may look into this.
  13. Not to mention look at how strong TF2 became after becoming F2P with microtransactions. And to be honest Overwatch is really just an evolution of TF2 from all looks at it.