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  1. Thaoden

    Diablo 3

    i uninstalled after beating the game. ive heard its a lot better now then it use to be but from my experience its hella easy all the way to inferno then its a pain in the ass. it was worth playing though
  2. I have a 128 Gb SSD and it just doesnt cut it. data management never ends. look into the heating issues of the 4770k though if you plan on over clocking any time.
  3. well me and Lagg make a good team because he is mostly logical and i am mostly technical. he does deal with me rage on occasion lol. overall a good article but there are some people who do a lot of stupid stuff. i just picked GP as ADC and my team raged and all picked troll champs. we will see how it gos.
  4. there is your link to free torchlight. i had to go there sign up then refresh and put the item in my cart. i read about it on The Escapist websight
  5. my first skin was riot girl tristana haha. the champion that just came out was urgot. 4th champion of season 1
  6. i cant share pictures due to not being an FM anymore but this is as the internet gets where i am. when i move next month it will be 50Mbps but for now
  7. Gangplank. he was free the first week i played and i had enough to buy him at the end of the week. second was malzahar and i probably played 800 games straight with malzahar lol
  8. I love my SSD and would not have a computer without one now. The operating system runs quickly and all of the games i run on it run quickly. 120GB is not that small for an SSD. i would just have a HDD for the majority of your games and only install the newer games on your SSD
  9. ive read the first two books in the mistborn trilogy and i own the third.
  10. Eh lagg master has read them all. and he is pretty determined that his thoughts towards a book should be everyones thoughts towards that book lol
  11. I remember the old karthus bug when he was impossible to kill i sat on the enemy turretts in the middle attacked the other team and the turretts while i was invul for 15 minutes. i think i still have a screen shot of that one. only item i had was the zhonyas ring back before death cap and hourglass came out
  12. damn all sold out was going to order a spare headset
  13. haha that is hilarious. i think shockwave got a little too much hope
  14. rofl! anyway ya it is in everything and the reason they can call it natural is because the FDA does not have a definition for natural. It has undergone Enziemic review 3 times and it is moderately addicting.