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  1. Guacamelee is free from Humble Bundle till 5/19 around 1 EST
  2. They added a hero on 4/30.
  3. Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza. Pizza is a place for dead animals and good spices. The best pizza I have ever had was a buffalo blu cheese pizza that myself and my 6 year old daughter made.
  4. I play OW on occasion, but my gaming schedule is all over the place right now.
  5. Is anyone interested in playing Apex Legends? I've played it the last couple nights and I've had fun so far. But given the 3 man squad nature of the game playing with randoms takes away from the experience some.
  6. I just got the base destiny 2 game free from Blizzard. How much will I be able to play with people if I just have the base game?
  7. I have been playing MHW and having a lot of fun, but my XBOX 360 controller I bought a long time ago is showing its age and I'm looking at replacing it. I prefer the xbox controller setup to a playstation one. Does anyone have any third party controllers they like over just a wired xbox one? Is the xbox elite controller worth it?
  8. Weapon of Choice: Hunting Horn Last Kill: Nergigante How is everyone else doing?
  9. The Librarians The Good Place TheOrville
  10. I downloaded it but have not tried it yet. Too little free time and too many games.