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  1. Destiny 2 Clan (PC/PS4)

    With the open beta starting tomorrow I plan on trying it. I'll make the decision on picking it up after that.
  2. Season 11 4 man pushing

    I know that we are at the start of the season but I wanted to gauge interest in 4 man (mostly meta) Grift pushing. I would personally be interested in either being the Boss killer as a Necro or a Support Monk. Thoughts?
  3. Destiny 2 Coming to Battle.Net

    Just watched a gameplay video and it looks pretty fun, but I would need to take a look at end-game content / MadCast interest before I get too excited.
  4. Destiny 2 Coming to Battle.Net

    I always want to try Destiny 1 but I don't play consoles shooters. IGN says that there will be an open beta summer which I will be looking forward to try. I would also guess that Destiny 2 skins end up in HotS and Overwatch.
  5. Admins vs FMs Overwatch

    If I am around I will participate but I can not guarantee my participation.
  6. Overwatch Uprising

    Anybody interested on teaming up tonight to try and beat the event on legendary tonight?
  7. The Floor is Lava

    No mine was slightly less epic.
  8. Paladins

    I played it for a bit. It is fun and I love the half cp / half payload game mode. but I haven't played it for a couple months
  9. The Floor is Lava

    I just got "The Floor is Lava"
  10. Anyone able to recommend me some good tv shows?

  11. What are your favorite single-player games?

  12. Who won Mercy or Medic?

    Really good video. I also liked the Scout vs Tracer rap
  13. Developer Update | Symmetra

  14. The Lucio I wish I was

    He updated the description on the video.
  15. Developer Update | Symmetra

    I really want to know specifics, but it does look like it could be good.