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  1. @MadCast: majorhoward I responded to you by DM.
  2. Setbacks: Terrain to Flat. 1 future wound to Mansu. Tension: 7 Situation: Flat, Gusty Move: Strike! Roll: 9 Batosu hesitated. This man was possessed. Not villain, but victim. He moved warily out of the puddle onto the brick path, katana poised to strike. The weapon flashed as the Oni charged, slicing deep but avoiding vital areas. “Use the pain to cleanse yourself, Mansu-San.” Mansu is wounded.
  3. Setback: Mansu takes 1 future wound. Tension: 6 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet Move: Prepare Roll: 8 Increase the tension by 1. Batosu may Strike! or Forfeit as his next move. In the face of Mansu's momentary loss of control, Batosu's mind is made up. One cannot shame a rabid dog. The pristine blade sings as it is leaps free of its scabbard. Tension is now: 7
  4. Tension: 4 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet Move: Stare Roll: 13 Mansu must reveal, and tension increases by 1. Batosu matches Mansu’s stare, remaining motionless, waiting. “This was your goal Mansu-chan? To bore your audience to death?” Tension to 5
  5. Tension: 3 Batosu chooses starting wind Breezy and starting terrain Wet. Batosu impassively appraises the dirty puddle that Mansu stands within. As the light breeze picks at his clothing, he joins the madman. ”An audience would be welcomed. There is still time for you to end this foolishness. You need only do what comes natural to the Touten. Yield.”
  6. Batosu pockets the coin and follows Mansu without hesitation.
  7. Batosu exits the inn, head held high, and finds Mansu nearby. “Heaven will recoil at your arrival, Mansu.” His hand falls to his hilt. @MadCast: Munsa As your clan currently has the lead, you are the Lead Duelist in this clan leader duel.
  8. This isn’t even my final form.
  9. “Rumors and innuendo. Speak plainly, if you can. Do you wish to buy your way into Heaven today, my friend?”
  10. @MadCast: Munsa “In time, Mansu-chan.” He sits noticeably taller, concealing his wound. He sets a large coin on the table. “I believe they’ve set a table for you in the kitchen.” His finger remains on the coin.
  11. @MadCast: Vyoletta Batosu gestures towards the man approaching Takeno. He glances at Kyoko. “Witness the dog beg the master. The Nanten do not grovel for acceptance.” The disgust is palpable. “May your feet find purchase, and the wind press against your foe.”
  12. @MadCast: Vyoletta “Well. Time has passed without difficulty. It is good to hear that you have learned from your confrontation, and you should know that one of our supporters did avenge your injury. He fell in the deed, but the deed is done. Maruko will not trouble us again.” He looks back towards Takeno, and grimaces slightly. “Your determination emboldens me. It is time to strike a decisive blow. Go, seek out the fool Negumi Raifu ( @MadCast: rife170). He has risen far enough through the ranks of the Hokuten. End his rise, and bring prosperity to the Nanten.” Batosu nods a respectful dismissal and returns to his drink. (Open)
  13. The Nanten welcome your support. Your unorthodox style will serve you well against the clumsy twigs of our enemies. Narrator: It did not.