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  1. @MadCast: majorhoward I responded to you by DM.
  2. Setbacks: Terrain to Flat. 1 future wound to Mansu. Tension: 7 Situation: Flat, Gusty Move: Strike! Roll: 9 Batosu hesitated. This man was possessed. Not villain, but victim. He moved warily out of the puddle onto the brick path, katana poised to strike. The weapon flashed as the Oni charged, slicing deep but avoiding vital areas. “Use the pain to cleanse yourself, Mansu-San.” Mansu is wounded.
  3. Setback: Mansu takes 1 future wound. Tension: 6 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet Move: Prepare Roll: 8 Increase the tension by 1. Batosu may Strike! or Forfeit as his next move. In the face of Mansu's momentary loss of control, Batosu's mind is made up. One cannot shame a rabid dog. The pristine blade sings as it is leaps free of its scabbard. Tension is now: 7
  4. Tension: 4 Situation: Town, Breezy, Wet Move: Stare Roll: 13 Mansu must reveal, and tension increases by 1. Batosu matches Mansu’s stare, remaining motionless, waiting. “This was your goal Mansu-chan? To bore your audience to death?” Tension to 5
  5. Tension: 3 Batosu chooses starting wind Breezy and starting terrain Wet. Batosu impassively appraises the dirty puddle that Mansu stands within. As the light breeze picks at his clothing, he joins the madman. ”An audience would be welcomed. There is still time for you to end this foolishness. You need only do what comes natural to the Touten. Yield.”
  6. Batosu pockets the coin and follows Mansu without hesitation.
  7. Batosu exits the inn, head held high, and finds Mansu nearby. “Heaven will recoil at your arrival, Mansu.” His hand falls to his hilt. @MadCast: Munsa As your clan currently has the lead, you are the Lead Duelist in this clan leader duel.
  8. This isn’t even my final form.
  9. “Rumors and innuendo. Speak plainly, if you can. Do you wish to buy your way into Heaven today, my friend?”
  10. @MadCast: Munsa “In time, Mansu-chan.” He sits noticeably taller, concealing his wound. He sets a large coin on the table. “I believe they’ve set a table for you in the kitchen.” His finger remains on the coin.
  11. @MadCast: Vyoletta Batosu gestures towards the man approaching Takeno. He glances at Kyoko. “Witness the dog beg the master. The Nanten do not grovel for acceptance.” The disgust is palpable. “May your feet find purchase, and the wind press against your foe.”
  12. @MadCast: Vyoletta “Well. Time has passed without difficulty. It is good to hear that you have learned from your confrontation, and you should know that one of our supporters did avenge your injury. He fell in the deed, but the deed is done. Maruko will not trouble us again.” He looks back towards Takeno, and grimaces slightly. “Your determination emboldens me. It is time to strike a decisive blow. Go, seek out the fool Negumi Raifu ( @MadCast: rife170). He has risen far enough through the ranks of the Hokuten. End his rise, and bring prosperity to the Nanten.” Batosu nods a respectful dismissal and returns to his drink. (Open)
  13. The Nanten welcome your support. Your unorthodox style will serve you well against the clumsy twigs of our enemies. Narrator: It did not.
  14. Batosu nods grimly, and shifts to obscure his own wound. He passes her one of his largest value coins, as is customary among the Nanten when greeting a respected subordinate. “Greetings Kyoko-kun. It is good to see you well. Tell me. What have you learned?”
  15. Daimyo Batosu sits at his regular table in a space of prominence, minutely yet noticeably taller than those tables reserved for the Hokuten Youkai, Takeno, and the Touten dog Mansuchan. He glares at Takeno while discreetly holding his hand to the fresh bandage affixed to his left side. His coinpurse is noticeably displayed on his right hip, while a new masterwork blade hangs from his left. His focus shifts to the young woman as she enters. He calls to the server and slips a coin into a pocket with a whispered command. In moments, the server approaches the young woman with a tokkuri of rice wine. She is invited to join the Daimyo's table. (Continuously Open as well, although this response is directed to Kyoko in particular)
  16. The Nanten welcome you Kyoto. May your determination bring great wealth to you and your new brethren.
  17. Batosu leads the Nanten clan. He rose through the ranks of the Nanten through financial cunning, not innate skill with a blade. His clothing and equipment is intentionally ostentatious, a public display of wealth (and therefore power within the Nanten). He will never draw a worn blade, and therefore arrives at every duel with a new weapon of the highest quality. Nevertheless he is a traditionalist, and duels with a single katana. Determined eyes, manicured look, traditional weapon, technical style
  18. Stav looks Chris up and down, a vague memory coming to mind. ”How about chief tactical officer? CTO.” He repeats the acronym to himself a few times. “I like it.” Stav notices Stitch among the small group preaching to the newcomers. He rolls his eyes to Chris. “These fucking guys. Turn your back two minutes and they are off worshipping a fucking washing machine.” Then he yells. “Stitch! You’re with me. The rest of you get ready to mount up.” ”Eliza, you got any brilliant ideas on how we fit all these people on the vehicles we got here?”
  19. “What the fuck do you think you are all doing?” Stav yells. “Put it down. All of it. You want to act like these fucks?” He points at the corpses. “I’ll put you down like these fucks. We only hurt them who hurt others.” He draws his pistol on the newest member, Greaser, who is holding some blankets that had been piled next to some now tied up villagers. “One fucking directive, Greaser. That too complicated for you?” Stav:2D6+2 → 9(1 +6 + 2)#leadership [OOC: They do it.] Stav holsters his pistol as the gang starts putting the ill gotten goods back on the ground. Stav claps Greaser on the back. “No harm done. Just got a bit excited is all. Get these people out of their bondage. Take everything of value from the corpses.” As the gang sets about the task, Stav addresses the victims. “Some of you may not know me. I’m Stav. This is my crew, the fucking Federation. We saved you from those fucking slavers cuz somebody got to do right in this world. We have just one directive. I said it. You heard it. We only hurt them who hurt others. This place ain’t safe, never was. But you can join us. Port Gibson is under our protection. You can fight and follow the directive, you can join the Federation. You won’t fight but you can follow the directive, you can come make a new life at Port Gibson. You can’t follow the directive ...” He leaves it unsaid. “If you’re coming, get yer shit. We leave in 20 minutes.” He taps Blades on the shoulder and the two walk back towards the vehicles where Wheeler has Rose at the ready. He gives an all clear signal to Chris and gestures for him to come down. Then he catches Eliza’s eye. “Thank you for your help. I guess I owe you a favor.” [OOC: I earned my first advancement and I’m removing “your gang is small instead of medium.” Fictionally, around 20 of these people must join the Federation.]
  20. From his vantage point in Rose's turret, Stav watches with grim satisfaction as the car explodes. You brought this on your fucking self Mark. Slaver scum. "Light em up!" Stav methodically sweeps the turret fire across the garden center at knee level, demolishing what cover was available. After twenty seconds of sustained fire, Stav yells, "Forward! No quarter!" He maintains the withering covering fire until his people close the distance. Stav:2D6+2+1+1 → 10(4 +2 + 2 + 1 + 1)#Seize by Force to Assault a Secure Position [OOC: I get to choose all 4 options. +1 harm, take -1 harm, force our way into enemy's position, and frighten enemy. If I understand the gang combat rules correctly, we are dealing 4 harm to them. They deal 0 back to us (2 total reduced by 1 for the -1 harm option, and reduced by another 1 for gang's armor)]. As the gang moves in to mop things up in the department store, Stav curses as he hears the unmistakable sound of a motorcycle engine revving up. That asshole Mark is making his escape! There's your fucking shot Chris.
  21. Before heading to Harper’s, Stav takes a moment to respond to Chris. “I’ve got an old sniper rifle tucked away somewhere gathering dust. Haven’t been able to get the fucking thing working, but maybe Eliza can help with that.”
  22. Yesterday: “Thank you Harper. I believe that is all we have to discuss today. I must admit, you were far more reasonable today than I had believed possible. I hope I have grossly misjudged you.” Stav nods and turns to leave. Today: Stav’s eyes widen as the ritual progresses, and he feels something begin to tug at the very edges of his perception. The tug becomes more insistent and Stav realizes, against everything he has come to understand about this broken world, that he believes her. I got you, you fucking scumbag. “Thank you Harper. Ender, is it? Today Mark Mackerson threatened this entire town. He’ll see us dead and the children in chains. You heard her. He’s vulnerable and we are ending this tonight. If you are in, then grab some people you trust and meet me in the market in three hours.” He steps outside as Rose pulls up. Three hours later: Stav climbs onto the hood of Rose and surveys the collection of toughs arrayed near the watering hole. He smiles, and takes a deep breath. Blades whistles sharply and the well-armed horde slowly turns to face the hardholder. The gang is out in full force today, sitting or standing on or near all of Stav’s vehicles. Stav:2D6+2 → 10(2 +6 + 2)#leadership roll “Alright, you savages. I’ve brought you here because the slaver, Mark Mackerson, threatened our whole damn town today. I don’t need to remind most of you why these pieces of shit deserve to die. Twister, these fuckers sold your sister to fucking Dustwich! Hell, half of you have been beating down my fucking door to take these fucks out.” He holds his hands out wide. “Well folks, today is your lucky fucking day. I have it on good authority that Mark’s gang hit the settlement over at the old Craig’s shopping center today. Raped and murdered their way through the whole population. The lucky ones died early. The rest are set to be bonded. But not today. Those assholes found the liquor stores and are already drunk as shit. We are going all in.” He lowers his hands and his voice, forcing the brutes to move in closer. He looks to Blades, Wheeler, and the gang. “You’ve been with me because of the Code. We act only in defense, of ourselves and others. Tonight we do both. No quarter.” He turns to Ender and his small crew, now bristling with guns. “You’re here because your god demands it. You know I’m a skeptic. Can’t help it. Show me a fucking miracle today boys.” Finally he points at Chris. “And he’s here cuz I’m paying him to be here. That is a genuine iceman awakened. Certified pre-fall special forces shit. Commando shit. When the shit hits the fan, do what he says.” “Enough small talk. Mount up. Hummers in the front, vans in the back. Keep a bit of distance from that thing.” He points at the vehicle that Eliza has modified.
  23. Today: “I don’t even know her!” The fuck everyone thinks Jessica is my problem. He glares at Chris’ back. He’s quite a mercenary. I wonder if he cares about anything ... or anybody. Stav looks at the old motor and the whiskey. “Blades, I’m going to go warn Harper about Mark. Put the crew on red alert and meet me at Harper’s with Rose locked and loaded. Oh, and ask Eliza what she thinks we should do about Mark. She knows him best.” For the second time in two days Stav makes the trek to Harper’s place. “Harper, we have trouble. Mark’s pissed off. He’s going to try to hit us but I don’t know when. Can you look into your magic eight ball or something?” If she comes to the door, Stav stands respectfully, holding the backup motor.
  24. To Chris: “He ain’t got a gazillion. Twenty tops. Slavers. You have those wherever you’re from? You want to shoot someone...” Stav points at the motorcycles disappearing in a cloud of dust. “That asshole deserves it.” To Wheeler: ”Get yourself squared away here. I think we better move in full force until we take care of Mark.”