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  1. Found the answer to one of my questions: You will have to download both MobiusCore 1.1.0 and Opis 1.2.0. Those are available in the download section.Copy both in your mods directory as usual, on the client and the server. You are not required to distribute the client side to your users, unless you want them to have access to the loaded chunk map.
  2. OK, If I want to try it some more, I'll stay the course with just a forge server, and try out that Opis mod (Does it need to go into the client and the server, or only the server mods directory?). Thanks for the info! I just tried out the Mimic pack though, and it has almost every mod I wanted and more, so maybe I'll just play that instead LOL. This is getting off topic now, but the only thing I was wondering what was up with on the Mimic pack was that when I hovered over blocks, the Waila box would never come up even though I saw Waila was in the modpack...
  3. Soup: Are you running a straight up forge server for the mimic pack's official MadCast server, and no bukkit or cauldron stuff at all?
  4. Hi all, I recognize that there are a lot of really smart, in-the-know Minecraft players in this community, and so I wanted to ask you some things about hosting a modded Minecraft server. Two friends and I were playing on an official server for one of the Technic Launcher modpacks, and we invested a lot of time into it, only to get nailed with a World reset. This kind of upset us, so we started playing around with the idea of hosting something locally so we had full control over it. But what I've learned is--- there is a lot to learn! I quickly learned that I needed a 1.7.10 forge server in order to include the 50 or so mods we wanted. I went through all the trouble of getting all of the mods to load and got the server to start successfully. But what we quickly learned is that the performance was not great when one of us tries hosting the server AND playing from our computer. We wondered if a way to improve the performance would be to work Bukkit into the mix some how, with it's many plugins. So there's forge, which allows us to add "mods". (i.e. Tinker's Construction, Thaumcraft, etc.) Then there's Bukkit, which allows us to add "plugins" (i.e. World Edit, Multi-Verse, etc.) I witnessed the official server of the modpack we were playing having BOTH mods AND plugins. For example, I know they ran the Bukkit ClearLagg plugin, and also the GriefPrevention plugin that allowed us to have claim blocks. Anyway, so I set out to figure out how they could possibly run BOTH Forge AND Bukkit, and what I found was... Cauldron. However, there is a big legal case against Cauldron (or Bukkit, I can't remember) that has stopped the development of Cauldron, and so the version of Forge wrapped into any download you manage to find, is way behind the latest version of Forge. Which means that many of the up-to-date 1.7.10 mods I want to run, aren't loading in that old version of Forge (from about May 2015). Next, I found Spigot, which seemed to boast of the best performance increases of them all, but that community strictly sticks to Vanilla Minecraft, and no Forge mods. To wrap up this post, what I'm trying to ask is, How do you do this in 2015?? How do you offer both mods AND plugins in a Minecraft server? Thanks!
  5. Good times! Hey... Don't spill pizza on the map, Bob!
  6. Your Rev looks a lot like Kate Upton, LOL
  7. Do we have anyone still playing Monster Hunter 4 that wants to group up and go for the new Star Knight armor set? I can't find a decent group for it to save my life! I'm currently bronze crown (after G3), with a very nice Great Sword set.
  8. Does everyone's hall spawn in the same place in the world map. Or how are they doing that?
  9. I tell ya, I'll end up buying more versions of this game than i ever imagined :-)
  10. Don't go chasin waterfalls, Saber!