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  1. Overwatch Animated Short | “Hero”

    While pretty awesome, all I could think about toward the end is how the Omnic in the beginning was totally forgotten and abandoned.
  2. Fishing for some interest

    I don't mind helping out. =P Let us have glorious journeys filled with rainbows, unicorns, and the blood of a million creepers. I'll PM you once I return from my family Christmas thingy later. To anyone else reading this: If you have any interest as well, message me! <3
  3. Fishing for some interest

    Possibly. I've been looking for some people to play the minecrafts with for a while. I have a server I can host a world in (several worlds at once, if there be the peoples and the interest), but I've had a lot of difficulty finding people who are interested. How do you like to play Minecraft? I see you like modded MC, which is great, but I have to admit my gameplay tendencies up front, otherwise it might not work out well. Just so you know, I'm kind of ADHD about my Minecraft worlds, in that I don't like to spend several months or even longer on any one world. I'll play it pretty hard (like, a few hours daily) for 1-2 months, until I feel I've "beaten" it, and then it's on to the new world. Unless you play like that, or similarly, we would likely get frustrated with each other, since you might still be doing stuff and I'd want to move on. It's happened before. So, what do you think?
  4. WildStar?

    You've basically described Dungeon Fighter Online and Vindictus. Both excellent games.
  5. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    Remember to use Chrome to view the videos in 60 fps! Mists of Pandaria First Kill Videos Tier 17 Blackrock Foundry Heroic Gruul: (Tank DK PoV) Beastlord Darmac: (Tank DK PoV) Hans'gar and Franzok: (Tank DK PoV) Oregorger: (Tank DK PoV) Flamebender Ka'graz: (Tank DK PoV) Operator Thogar: (Tank DK PoV) Kromag: Video Not Taken On Kill Iron Maidens: (Tank DK PoV) The Blast Furnace: (Tank DK PoV) Blackhand: (Tank DK PoV) Mythic Coming Soon Highmaul Heroic The Butcher: (Tank DK PoV) Tectus: (Tank DK PoV) Brackenspore: (Tank DK PoV) Twin Ogron: (Hunter PoV) Ko'ragh: (Tank DK PoV) Mythic Kargath Bladefist: (Hunter PoV l Tank DK PoV) Twin Ogron: (Tank DK PoV) Brackenspore: (Tank DK PoV)
  6. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    5%, but rather painful nonetheless.
  7. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    Indeed. =D On that note, updated for Mythic Brackenspore and Heroic Blackhand,
  8. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    Prince is probably about right. At the very least 665, but probably 670-675.
  9. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    Updated for Heroic Blast Furnace. No, but you could always try to join us and raid with us. =P
  10. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    Updated for H Iron Maidens.
  11. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    Thank ye! I did indeed! Updated for Heroic Oregorger, Flamebender Ka'graz, and Operator Thogar. We also killed Kromag, but both myself and Flapjack were not taking video at the time. My apologies.
  12. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    Updated for Mythic Twin Ogron (because I apparently forgot to update it), and 3 bosses from the new(ish) raid Blackrock Foundry! Heroic Gruul, Beastlord Darmac, and Hans'gar and Franzok.
  13. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    Updated for Mythic Kargath.
  14. First Kills Videos - Warlords Edition

    The start of a new expansion merits the start of a new thread, and a new format - 60 fps kill videos! View the above videos in Chrome to watch in 60 fps. Note that my videos for H Butcher, Tectus, and Brackenspore are only in 40 fps because I found out today that my fraps was only recording in 40 fps. That has been fixed. I had to jimmy the Ko'ragh video a bit so it's unfortunately only 30. If you are wondering why H Kar'gath isnt up there, it's because I wasn't recording when we one shot him. Similarly, H Twin Ogron isn't there because I forgot to record the last few attempts. Hopefully Flapjack will have that one.
  15. WoW - Warlords Faction and Battle Tag Listings

    Alliance 100 Death Knight Tank.
  16. Any WoW players out there?

    Still raiding on Ner'zhul with Conquest, Alliance-side. =P
  17. First Kills

    I decided that it would be better to just keep all the videos in one thread rather than clutter up the WoW forums with each new boss. Tier 16 25 Normal Immersius The Fallen Protectors Norushen: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV) Sha of Pride: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV) Galakras: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV) Iron Juggernaut Kor'kron Dark Shaman General Nazgrim Malkorok: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV) Spoils of Pandaria: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV) Thok the Bloodthirsty: (Tank PoV l Healer PoV l DPS PoV) Siegecrafter Blackfuse: (Healer PoV Part 1, Part 2 l DPS PoV) Paragons of the Klaxxi: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV) Garrosh Hellscream: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV) 25 Heroic Immerseus: (DK DPS PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) The Fallen Protectors: (DK DPS PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Norushen: (Healer PoV l DPS DK PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Sha of Pride: (DPS DK PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Galakras: (Healer PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Iron Juggernaut: (Healer PoV l DK DPS PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Kor'kron Dark Shamans: (Healer PoV l DK DPS PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) General Nazgrim: (DK DPS PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Malkorok: (Healer PoV l DK DPS PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Spoils of Pandaria: (DK DPS PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Thok the Bloodthirsty: (DK DPS PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Siegecrafter Blackfuse: (Hunter DPS PoV (Belts) l Mage DPS PoV (Floor)) Paragons of the Klaxxi (DK Tank PoV l Hunter DPS PoV) Tier 15 25 Normal 25 Heroic Jin'rokh the Breaker: (Tank PoV l ) Horridon: (Tank PoV l l ) Council of Elders: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV) Tortos: (Healer PoV l DPS PoV l Kiting PoV) Ji-Kun: (Tank PoV l ) Iron Qon: (Resto Druid PoV l Mistweaver Monk PoV l Feral DPS PoV l DK DPS PoV) Tier 14 25 Normal Mogu'shan Vaults Heart of Fear Terrace of Endless Spring 25 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults Heart of Fear Terrace of Endless Spring
  18. First Kills

    Updated for Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi.
  19. Anyone got Super Smash Bros yet?

    Wii U, The wait is real.
  20. First Kills

    Updated for Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse.
  21. Another Medic PVE Healing Build

    Just wanted to mention that I'm about 95% sure interrupts have a 100% hit chance regardless of strikethrough.
  23. Housing, Harvesting Plugs, and Neighbors

    Wildstar has an interesting feature in that if you have a house with harvesting plugs (Garden, Mineral Deposit, Thicket, Relic Excavation), your neighbors can come in and harvest from them. Even while you are offline. And with you getting a share of the materials! So how does it work? First, add your buddy as a Neighbor. Open Social (O), and click on the Neighbors tab. You can add people there. You can also add people from your guild from the guild tab (Right click on their name, click on Social Lists, and then click on Add Neighbor). Second, you break into their house when they are sleeping. Head to your house, and from there go back to your Neighbors list. Click on their name and then click Visit in the bottom right. Bam! You are there! Finally, steal all of their harvesting nodes. I try to avoid taking things from the Garden though unless I have the seeds to replace them. But Julian, I'm not sure I want someone breaking into my house while I'm asleep and taking all of my materials! Oh yes you do. Whenever someone harvests from your plugs, a share of the harvest is sent directly to you via mail. That means if you leave the game for a few hours, and someone comes to your house to collect your nodes whenever they come back up, when you come back you'll have a ton of materials in your mail! More than if you came back and harvested them yourself, actually. Cool! So how much do I get? That's up to you, the homeowner, to decide. When at your house, click on Remodel. Then click on the blue button. directly to the left of the red close button. You can choose how much of the share goes to you and how much goes to your neighbor when they harvest your plugs. The default is set to 100% you 0% them, which I don't feel is very productive to people harvesting for you when you are gone. I personally have mine set to 50/50 to encourage people to come take my ore. <3 Now, all this is well and good for if the person is offline, but you probably shouldn't take their stuff while they are online unless they specifically ask you. =P
  24. Anyone still playing WoW?

  25. Anyone still playing WoW?

    Still raiding on Alliance Ner'zhul. =P