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  1. I would like to try it out.
  2. Prix

    Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "One night with Scooba" is the most epic post ever.
  3. Prix

    New monitor.

    TY scooba and mud
  4. Prix

    New monitor.

    Anyone have any opinions on this?
  5. Prix

    New monitor.

    What do you think of. Only flaw i see is it dosent have a DVI connect, but it has hdmi. THe only bad thing about the acers is i see a ton of reviews with dead pixles.
  6. Prix

    New monitor.

    I already have a viewsonic at home, just wananted a 2nd, have 3 at work and when i come home not a fan of only 1.
  7. Prix

    New monitor.

    So far ive found these, they look promising.
  8. Prix

    New monitor.

    Im looking ino getting a new monitor, a 24 or 27 inch. With Xmass deals going on i was wondering if getting one from a store would be the best deal or if cyber monday is a really good time to get one? Also if anyone has one they got recently that is really good would love to hear about it. Looking to buy from NewEgg possibly and around 200$.
  9. The model he shows is in 3Ds Max woot!
  10.;jsessionid=D7865ABB00BE571D34576FAF16326326.bbolsp-app04-01?id=1218059945904&skuId=9212531&st=razer headset&cp=1&lp=3
  11. Look at bestbuy they always have them.
  12. I know atleast 4-5 people that own these. I have a new pair in box saved for when mine break, Fallen has them Scooba has them i have them. There all i buy anymore.
  13. Im not sure what editing software you have, but something to improve would be possibly recording the video and adding the sound later as a seperate track. People now adays have no patients that even watching the loading screen might stop them from watching it. Its hard to hear you over the game, and if you made seperate tracks like that it would be easier. Other then that i enjoyed it, ive never played the game or seen it. Just kinda hard to hear you talking over the sound of the game itself.
  14. Ryahn im 90% sure buying the game on amazon gives you a cd with a Key for steam, i may be wrong but maybe maday knows for sure.
  15. Prix

    Barb Suggestions

    This is my barb.