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  1. Congrats @MadCast: Epic and @MadCast: RedJustice
  2. Right now I am playing random steam games, and the newer releases. Anthem, Division 2. I currently play with 3 27" monitors, one is 144Hz the other two are 60Hz
  3. MY current specs are: Intel i7-6700K 4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10060 6GB ASUS ATX DDR4 Motherboard CORSAIR VEngeance 16GB(2x8GB) DDR4 Any point updating anything at this point? OR should I Be good for another year or so?
  4. WoW is having a free weekend for anybody who no longer subscribes. Giving you a chance to check out the new patch.
  5. We are flying into Denver, and will probably spend some time there tomorrow after we land.
  6. I will be in Colorado Springs next week and am looking for local food places to go to and eat, or just local cheap things to do that might be interesting.
  7. Good Job guys. Since I am newly back to Destiny, does that unlock anything for clan stuff, for those of us who were not in the raid?
  8. What level do I need to be to even consider trying to do a raid with you guys? I am currently 505ish and am trying to figure out best way to get gear right now.
  9. I was wondering if anybody plays any of the Madden games on PC. I have always played on Xbox and have been recently watching the Madden tourney and have thought about picking it up. Wasn't sure if there is a big difference between PC and console version and can I get it on Steam or what's the best place to get it from? Edit: I currently do not own a console and am trying to decide if it's worth getting for PC.
  10. With the state of Diablo 3 right now I have heard a lot about PoE being a good game to fill the void. I am interested in trying it out as I am looking for a new game to spend my time on.
  11. I shall be your Jester, good sir.
  12. Everything is a sandwhich if you try hard enough. Everything is a sandwhich if you try hard enough.
  13. Keep that abomination away from me. Pineapple does not belong anywhere near pizza!!