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  1. Proud of you Guardian

    Good Job guys. Since I am newly back to Destiny, does that unlock anything for clan stuff, for those of us who were not in the raid?
  2. Thursday Night Raids 9pm 2/7/19

    What level do I need to be to even consider trying to do a raid with you guys? I am currently 505ish and am trying to figure out best way to get gear right now.
  3. Madden 2019

    I was wondering if anybody plays any of the Madden games on PC. I have always played on Xbox and have been recently watching the Madden tourney and have thought about picking it up. Wasn't sure if there is a big difference between PC and console version and can I get it on Steam or what's the best place to get it from? Edit: I currently do not own a console and am trying to decide if it's worth getting for PC.
  4. Path of Exile - Gauging Interest

    With the state of Diablo 3 right now I have heard a lot about PoE being a good game to fill the void. I am interested in trying it out as I am looking for a new game to spend my time on.
  5. Darkest Epic

    I shall be your Jester, good sir.
  6. Pineapple Pizza - PICK A SIDE

    Everything is a sandwhich if you try hard enough. Everything is a sandwhich if you try hard enough.
  7. Pineapple Pizza - PICK A SIDE

    Keep that abomination away from me. Pineapple does not belong anywhere near pizza!!
  8. Coming back to Desinty 2

    Thanks for the information guys. Based on that I assume I should just save the silver until max level?
  9. Coming back to Desinty 2

    The other question I have is what the silver is used for. I have 1000(I think that was from the digitial deluxe edition I bought).
  10. Coming back to Desinty 2

    Thank you so Much @MadCast: The Prince I have free time this weekend and am looking to get as much done as possible and get leveled.
  11. Coming back to Desinty 2

    So I purchased the Forsaken pack and am slowly delving back into Destiny 2. I haven't played since a month or so after launch so I am a little behind. After about 24 hours of playing I have a few questions regarding what's going on right now. I am level 20 and looking to get the content done in order. I have started with the Osris quest line, is Warming after that? And then I move into the Forsaken stuff? Some of the planets have things called strikes, that says the recommended is 200 power. I am at 300 power so am well past that. Should I be doing those? Will I get decent rewards I can sue from them? Also, some of the planets have blue quest markers that look like banners? Are those like side quests or are they part of the main story? Should I be doing those while leveling or wait until max level or not at all? On those same planets there are events and adventures should I be doing those? And lastly, the three "planets" in the middle bottom of the map, Vangaurd; Gambit; and Crucible? Is that something I do now or at max level and what are each one of them for? Thanks for any guidance you guys have as I am feeling a little lost right now. And I look forward to playing with some of you as I level up.
  12. Tis the Season!

    I expect nothing less from a Bears' player @MadCast: Scooba
  13. Picking WoW back up

    I just logged in for the 2nd time since Xpac launched I am 111. So far I am enjoying. So many changes though since I last played in February.
  14. A Saturday with the Indies

    I hate you so much right now Prince. You got to meet those guys. It looks like ablast. Just wait, I will one-up you. I plan on finding a way to go to Wrestlemania when it is here next year.
  15. Official Train Fan Club

    I enjoy trains as well. I have a model train set, that I built a table for to display. I'll post pictures of it.