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  1. So the fiberlines for shaw were knocked out on sunday no internets for me sorry i missed this guys finally back up this morning
  2. I may not be able to make this depending unsure yet
  3. I agree 100% and i Think TFB is gonna be our focus target so until further notice KP HM and TFB HM will be our focus...when we are geared out of KP we will switch EV in there to shake it up a lil once both are geared out my hope is that we have TFB on farm and we will move to SNV i think...let me know if everyone is amenable to this
  4. I ban Kassidy for not putting up enough heals in raids in SWTOR....regardless of him being a tank
  5. My nets are down so possibility of this not happenin :/
  6. Will be doin KP SM and whatever else takes our fancy See ya all then
  7. You were missed! We'll be glad to see you back with a lightsaber in your hand soon
  8. Welcome Welcome Great job and we hope its an enjoyable experience
  9. Great Job on last nights raid thx to ferth for helpin me out while i was in admin training ill seee you all next week
  10. Are there any posts about what they actually plan to be doing?
  11. Id also be interested in this