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  1. To be honest I feel as though he'll be better as a Support than a jungler in higher elos. Since any amount of vision control can suffocate Ivern with counterjungling, since he technically can't contest a camp. It will be interesting to see how he gets used in competitive play. Though one thing I wonder is why do so many people, even Riot, want him built as an AP bruiser rather than a heavy tank?
  2. And that's all for the Inhouse! It was really fun and got to see a few old faces Glad it happened!
  3. Going to try and get an Inhouse going this Friday if anyone is interested. It will have a semi-competitive atmosphere with plenty of silliness! Some things to note: http://www.madcastgaming.com/ips/topic/5124-madcast-league-of-legends-inhouse-rules/ - these are the standard Madcast Inhouse Rules This isn't an official event so no required attendence, just come by and have fun! Hopefully we can get at least 10 people or more, but if not, then there's always 5-man draft queues or 3v3 on Twisted Treeline. Please no aggressiveness with others in the Inhouse, unless it is blatant joking. If you need someone to vent frustrations at, I'm here. Date of the event will be 9/18 in the evening. Desired time will be around 9:00 P.M. EST (8:00 Central, 6:00 pacific). May start earlier or later depending on when others show up.
  4. Absolutely love the lore and personality of this champion! Not sure about the kit yet since it's still in PBE and I haven't played it yet. I like the idea of the passive, though, it's like a mini quest while playing.
  5. If anyone feels like watching the inhouses I am streaming them
  6. The team compositions make no sense so far...also I hope you go jungle Donger
  7. When you go on Falconshield's page just check for the videos titled "This is War". Those are the ones that have the rap battle deal.
  8. Fenris

    My name

    Lol just saw you subscribe on Aphromoo's stream and I think I heard him say it Fay-sort xD
  9. Fenris

    Tera Online!

    I played Tera since Beta and ended around February just before the 2nd last Dungeon expansion. I can join in and help out with things like getting everyone used to the dungeons and give tips on leveling/grind spots/gear/stat types/etc. If you'd like. Not sure if I'd get that much back into it because I don't enjoy the f2p (unless it got better since a while ago) IGN is Fenris Laufeyson, Hantyr, and Jzakill
  10. Forgot about Kayle ultimate, it just ignores all invulnerabilites when it procs after 6 seconds. And the only reason why I want it to a large burst of damage after 6 seconds is so that he can die after it procs. Otherwise it would appear to be an overpowered Tryndamere ultimate. I'm attempting it to be a high risk/reward ability that has the intention of taking someone down with you, knowing you will die. The way damage would appear is similar to when damage is blocked by a shield or by braum's E, it would show as white test such as (-150). As for his E, you do have a point there, I'll lower the damage output and make it a flat time of 1 second stun, .75 second knock-up. I'm also thinking to increase mana cost to his E and Q to make it where he'll want to keep Q off more often to regenerate mana. This is supposed to be his main form of mana regeneration. In case you didn't notice I purposely made him have the 2nd lowest base Mana/5 and the lowest increase on Mana/5 with level. While attack would work well with his Q, it would drain your mana fairly fast.
  11. Been working on this for a month now, let me know what you guys think and if there is anything with stats or ablities that you would change! I was intending for this guy to be very unique where he is an AP melee fighter with his ultimate as a big "All or nothing" ability that will more often than not end up with. you dying after the 6 seconds.
  12. Proliv the Arcane Duelist Background: Proliv is a very humble individual from Demacia. He never thinks of himself highly, due to his poor background. It is because of his lack of self confidence that he strives to always improve. Lore: Originating from Demacia, Proliv aspired to be a soldier of high rank. Yet he was unable to even train for he grew up poor and unable to afford weapons or armor. He attempted to train in hand to hand combat but found little success; however, his determination did not go unnoticed. Commander Garen offered to train the lad to be a soldier and presented him with official Demacian training gear. Proliv immediately took up the offer, training day and night with Garen. Once deemed worthy, Proliv was given an offer to be made an official soldier of Garen’s unit. He declined this offer, for he wished to obtain a set of armor and weapons impossible to replicate, as a way to ensure he would be worthy of the position offered. He searched through text after text for some lost arms that could prove useful. In one text, he learned of arcane arts studied by the ancient society of Shurima, and how one being was able to form their body into pure arcane energy. This gave him an idea, what if he could transform his weapons into pure arcane energy, as the Shuriman did to his body? And so Proliv traversed through Runeterra to the learn of this arcane being. Eventually, after years of study, he learned of a method to extend an arcane pulse and hold it steady with the use of runic plates; however, Proliv was only able to obtain four plates through his travels. He decided to use three of the plates, two of which were daggers called Ebb and Flow and one, with the symbol for life, in the center of his chestplate. The final rune, with the symbol for speed, is attached to his back, unsure of what will occur if he focuses arcane energy towards the rune. Feeling content with what he has found, Proliv sets off to prove his worth to Garen. “There is no limit to how one can improve, and so I must always progress forward” - Proliv Stats HP: 582.8 HP/Level: 89 HP/5s: 8.51 HP/5s/Level: 0.65 MP: 327.2 MP/Level: 48 MP/5s: 5.75 MP/5s/Level: 0.25 AD: 56.04 AD/Level: 3.2 AS: 0.651 AS/Level: 3% AR: 25.88 AR/Level: 3.5 MR: 32.1 MR/Level: 1.25 MS: 340 Range: 125 Skills: Passive: Ebb and Flow Every 7/6/5/4th attack, Proliv will stab his target with Ebb and Flow, returning 40% of the damage dealt as health. The amount of attacks require decreases every 4 levels after level 7. (1/7/11/15). The amount of damage converted to health includes magic and physical damage caused by that attack, this includes the bonus direct and burning damage from is Q. Q: Cloak and Dagger Passive: Proliv’s runic plates draw mana towards them, gathering mana based on (1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5)% of damage dealt from single target attacks or abilities. The reason for it being single target damage is to avoid something like Sunfire Cape regenerating large amounts of mana each second. Active: Proliv focuses an arcane pulse towards the runic plates on his daggers, cloaking them with an Arcane aura. This increases attack range to 180 and adds 25/30/35/40/50 (+20%AP) magic damage to his attacks. In addition, a lasting burning effect is added to those hit for 10/15/20/25/30 (+ 10% AP) over 5 seconds. This is a toggled effect that will last until deactivated or when Proliv runs out of usable mana. If this ability is activated, the passive will become deactivated. Mana Cost: 20/24/28/32/36 mana per attack Cooldown: 2 seconds W: Arcane armor Proliv focuses an arcane pulse on the runic plate of his chestplate, adding an aura which absorbs incoming attacks. This creates a shield which protects against 75/125/175/225/275 (+ 15% HP) damage and adds 10/20/30/40/50 armor and magic resist for 5 seconds or when the shield breaks. Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Cooldown: 20 seconds E: Wings of Fate The runic plate of Proliv’s back sprouts arcane wings, dashing him forward and spinning upwards after making enemy contact with an added effect based on the state of his daggers. Cloak and Dagger deactivated: Stuns the first champion or monster hit for 1 second and all champions or monsters around in a 125 unit radius are knocked up for .75s. Deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+ 50% AP) Cloak and Dagger activated: Slows all enemies passed through for 60% and deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+ 60% AP) Range: 500 Mana cost: 60/65/70/75/80 Cooldown: 12 seconds R: Feel No Pain Proliv pours arcane energy into each of his runic plates, increasing his damage output and absorbing all incoming damage. After 6 seconds, 90% of the damage dealt to him returns as true damage. This damage is unblockable even from invulnerability. For the duration, Proliv has 10% increased AP and AD, as well as 100 more movement speed. Damage dealt during the ultimate will be shown in game similar to damage being dealt onto a shield. Mana Cost: 150 mana Cooldown: 150 seconds Recommended Build Path: Core Items: Rod of Ages, Liandry’s Torment, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter Damage: Rabbadon’s Deathcap, Luden’s Echo, Void Staff Defense: Abyssal Scepter, Frozen Heart, Randuin’s Omen. Selection Quote: “Impart your knowledge on me, summoner.” Appearance: A male in his early 20s, he has long black hair with a scruffy, poorly shaved beard. His height is 6’3”, with an all around physique. The only true piece of armor he has is a mail chestplate with the dark red banner covering it. Otherwise, he wears black cloth gloves, dark pants, and leather shoes. All of the clothing appears worn, due to the long travels and poor status he has. The rune in the chestplate acts as the logo of the banner, with the rune on his back having a similar effect. Ebb and Flow are held in the upright positions, to allow for smooth slicing and stabbing animations. Each auto attack will alternate which dagger is used, besides for the 7th attack where both are used. Edit: adjusted base values of W shield. Changed wording for clarity on some abilities. Edit 2: Changed around values for E damage, knock-up radius and stun duration. Made his passive have a scaling effect. Clarity added for ultimate. Mana cost of Q increased.
  13. I got excessive with a score of 2386. I ward more than 81% of supports, 45% of fighters, and 69% of marksmen. The other roles I dont play enough. Not sure if this is good or bad >.>
  14. Welcome to the community!