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  1. Happy thanks giving to you all and happy pig out! *INSIDE JOKE INCOMING, JOBO WILL GET IT * I was going to just have some tea and crumpets for my thanks giving but i witnessed my mother giving in to the American way of turkey and complete pig out on thanks giving, and i swear that turkey and potatoes were calling me and i just could not resist anymore so i ran into the dining room grabbed everything i could get a hold of and ran back into my room, shoved my face into a pie and called it a good day! I hope you all had an excellent thanks giving, and remember to any SWTOR players SWTOR will be having black Friday sales on the cartel market, really great deals, so keep your eyes open! As always, Mike
  2. Im most definitly thankful for my mom, my family, and madcast! ALSO my dog
  3. I recently started playing ps2 and i love it! Is their anyone who would like to play it with me, if so just give me a hollar on ts, im on alot
  4. Thanks for all the warm welcomes!
  5. Oh god that sounds hillarious! gotta get my parents to do this
  6. Hey everyone im evarum, new to the community and guild wars 2 looks amazing, considering starting to play it, does anyone want to show me the ropes if i do get into it? Thanks!
  7. Also, i am applying for a full membership.
  8. Hello, my name is mike, i was invited here by Jobo from star wars the old republic, i want to join mad cast because everyone here is so nice and i really want i good group of people to play games with, i play anything and am up for anything just ask, i also did the karaoke night and that was a blast, the town hall meeting was fun as well, you guys are a family i want to be apart of.